K News: Wandering Leap Year!

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Leaping Coupon Madness!
People, there is good Leap Year news from the K Mail Order Dept. We are making available a coupon good for 15% off any purchase, this week only! When we say “Any Purchase” we mean digital downloadables, fanzines, garments, compact discs, phonograph records, MP3s, or any combination there of. All one has to do to redeem this coupon is to enter the code “LEAP” into the appropriate place while checking out (after loading up your shopping cart with all the latest K downloadables and other mail order goodfinds!). Easy as pie. Thanks for shopping at the K Mail Order Dept.!!

Kendl Winter on a Wing!
Kendl Winter has been ruminating on her new album The Mechanics of Hovering Flight [KLP238], wandering about the west coast and around, both as a solo artist and with her combo the Blackberry Bushes. At the end of March she will head to Northern California to be special banjo guest with the sixty-five person Contra Costa Wind Symphony at their Great Music Inspired by Great Authors concert March 24 at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, CA. The other guest musician with the Contra Costa Wind Symphony March 24 is Denis Winter, euphonium, Kendl‘s father! Two generations of Winters saluting the great authors! Excitement. Kendl will also play Amnesia in San Francisco Monday, March 26. Most likely house shows around Oakland and Berkeley will also be spun into being. Keep an eye peeled.

Arrington Does It, Europe!
Our Arrington de Dionyso is currently traipsing across Europe playing shows all about, resonating and vibrating as his solo self. Arrington has been a real tour bug lately, through the Northwest in December, around the west coast in January and then he left for Europe earlier in February. The photograph above is from Arrington‘s soiree and art show at Hotel Rustique in Brussels, Belgium. The photograph displayed below (taken by Hans van der Linden) is from Arrington‘s performance last Sunday evening in Antwerp. A genuine freak scene documented. He will remain in Europe for two more weeks, a complete performance schedule is on the Shows Page. Once he gets back to the U.S.A. Arrington has plans to camp out in the Dub Narcotic Studio to create another album with his Malaikat dan Singa, once again to be documented by Karl Blau. During his brief visit to his Olympia home Arrington took time to make an appearance in the underground hit video Sh*t People Say in Olympia, originally aired as a segment of the Ten Minute Show.

Leap Day!

Today is February 29, a once in every four year event that we can’t let pass by without referencing the Wandering Lucy album Leap Year [KLP053], which was recorded by Calvin Johnson in the mid-’90s at Dub Narcotic Studio and released by the one and only K. Besides openly Canadian ring leader / lead singer / guitar slinger Lindewe Coyne, the band includes Brian Sparhawk (Fitz of Depression) and Fred Armisen (Trenchmouth). It’s a super-pop crash implosion of monumental proportions! More than one North Dakota resident has confided that Leap Year is their all-time favorite K release.


Our Friends and Neighbors Have New Bits and Pieces!
There are several new items added to the K Mail Order Dept. from some of our favorite fellow music labels. Check into these treasures:

America Salutes the Carter Family comp. CS (Brown Interior)
A tribute compilation of contemporary artists covering songs by early country trio the Carter Family, put together by Olympia’s Brown interior cassette-only label. Dennis Driscoll, LAKE, The Pine Hill Haints, Calvin Johnson, Generifus, Sandman, Curious Mystery, Lazer Zepplin, Margy Pepper, R. Stevie Moore, more!

Digitized FIBs!
After much anticipation we are pleased to announce that the K Mail Order Dept. has digitized issues of FIB fanzine (that stands for “Fidalgo Islands Beautiful”, people). They have now joined the world of digital downloadables!

FIB #12
Aka: “TWELVERUM” (48 pages) – Digital download PDF version.  Available for the first time in full color!!!  Interview with Genevieve Castree of WOELV // A lengthy interview with Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie while canoeing two separate lakes on Fidalgo Island  //  Interview with Bret Lunsford – the founder of the band D+, KNW-YR-OWN Records, and What the Heck? festival.

FIB #13
(45 pages) – Digital download PDF version.  Available for the first time in full color!!!  A lengthy conversation with K Records’ Calvin Johnson // An e-mail interview with Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie // “Oddly Unfunny Comics” // Silhouette Collages

FIB #14
(55 pages) Digital download PDF version.  Available for the first time in full color!!!  A lengthy interview with Karl Blau at home in Anacortes // Interview with Bret Lunsford  // Interview with Phil Elverum // Interview with Kimya Dawson // Interview with Everett True // “Oddly Unfunny Comics” // Silhouette Collages

FIB #15
(60 pages) Digital download PDF version.  Available for the first time in full color!!! Interview with artist Nikki McClure // Interview with Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie // Interview with former Blackouts manager, Terry Morgan // Interview with Laura Veirs // A lengthy interview and the first interview ever in print with Fidalgo Island’s own The Lonely Forest  // “Oddly Unfunny Comics” // Silhouette Collages

Bat Happening! shirt
Former Olympia resident Benny P. loves the K Mail Order Maven Joel Brazzel (don’t we all?) so much he designed a special “Bat Happening” garment for him. Once Joel started wearing it around town, everyone wanted one! So here you go.




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