K News! Meet The Ladies of K, Pt. 1 – April 18th, 2012

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Meet the Ladies of K, Pt. 1!

Mirah’s A Golden Girl

Mirah talks with Sara Marcus, author of Girls To The Front about her Olympia roots, riot grrrl and her adventurous life as a child activist. Such a treat for us (and for you)!  She’s in France right now for the ‘Portland is Weird’ event after a month of sugaring, and is currently a resident of Brooklyn, NY.

Read the whole interview (its a lengthy one, so grab a snack) on our blog HERE!

Kelly Norman: Drums and Heartbeats

An Interview with Kelly Norman (of The Maxines) – at Helsing Junction Sleepover 2011

Kelly’s set up: 1962 Gretsch Champagne Sparkle with matching snare

When you play live venues, what sound requests do you make? 

It drives my sound engineer friends crazy, but I hate to have my drums mic’d, especially my tom & snare. [Since] I sing and play at the same time, there is tons of drum bleed into the vocal mic. If the drums are mic’d it’s just a further amplification and it gets tricky. The overall effect is that my drums seem super loud and it’s sometimes challenging while playing and singing. But I totally get it. Sometimes you have to mic drums. I tend to prefer the little Olympia house shows, so anytime we play a for-real venue with a sound person I get a little squirmy about things. I should probably get over it.

-Excerpted from Tom Tom Magazine (rad female drumming magazine based out of Portland, OR!)  http://tomtommag.com/2011/12/fest-nw/

Kendl Winter: A Little Bit Country

The fact that Kendl Winter already fronts a wildly successful band ‘The Blackberry Bushes’ doesn’t stop her most recent album The Mechanics of Hovering Flight from being a slow-dream of a record, full of twang, dark soul and beautiful collaborations.  “Long Way” is one of our favorites from the album, her sophomore release on K, but honestly, its hard to choose.

Shana Cleveland: The Artist

Shana Cleveland, lead singer of ‘The Curious Mystery‘ is an incredible painter and visual artist who favors portraits of rock and soul groups from the 50’s & 60’s.  She lives and works in Seattle, but is currently acting as artist in residence at the Ace Hotel in NYC with the rest of the CMers.  “Be Still” is the yet-to-be released single off of The Curious Mystery’s upcoming 7″.  Check out the Curious Mystery website for pictures, additional artwork and  show dates: http://thecuriousmystery.com/.

Katie Alice Greer: Chain & The Gang

Oh, what to say about Katie Alice Greer.  She is a monstrous force.  Hilarious.  Satirical.  A knock out. An amazing screamer, kicker, do-gooder.  A Chain & the Ganger that digs the primary colors and red lipstick, she is out there creating her own brand of rock’n’roll each and every day–like right now.  C&TG (Ian Svenonius, Fiona Campbell, Madison Farmer, Brett Lyman and Katie) are playing shows across the states to support their new album In Cool Blood (KLP240), set to come out on K in July.  Go see them play and be in awe of K.A.G. in person.  “Free Will” is a debut from the new record!  Enjoy!

Emily Beanblossom is Ruby Fray

Emily Beanblossom, chat chat

Seeing Emily Beanblossom perform live is an amazing experience.  As the lead singer of Christmas she thrashes around on the floor and through the crowd, flinging her crazy beautiful voice around the room, but in Ruby Fray her presence is focused, balanced.  The words “witchy” and “ethereal” have been used to describe her new album “Pith” which showcases both sweet-pop tracks and dark weird psych-folk songs.  There is nothing like Pith anywhere in the world right now, which makes sense, since there is no woman in the world as artfully mysterious as Emily Beanblossom.  She lives in Austin, TX.


Tara Jane ONeil–you know who she is, yes?  “Sirena” is a track off of her new 7″ of the same name.  An LA resident (in theory) TJO is a crazy world traveler and visual artist who loves to collaborate and push herself and her guitar in myriad directions at once.

Which leads us to…

Melanie Valera/TENDER FOREVER & “Keep Portland Weird”

We can’t be in Paris for ‘Keep Portland Weird’ festival, but TJO, Mirah & Tender Forever are all there to be a part of it.  They’ve been sending images back of subway terminals plastered with giant posters of the event, and K’s proud to represent.

Along with helping to curate this event, Melanie Valera of Tender Forever lives in Olympia, WA, just released a darker LP this last November, Where Are We From, and is going back into the studio this Spring to record some more…

We hope you love the Ladies of K Compilation!

Until Next TIme…

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