K News May 9, 2012

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Tara Jane Keeps It Weird! Someone suggested it would be a good idea to “Keep Portland [Oregon] Weird”. Tara Jane O’Neil, a sometimes-resident of that fair city, wonders how one could prevent the weirdness, even if one wanted to. Last month Tara Jane along with a plethora of K types ( White Rainbow, Tender Forever, Mirah, + ?!) traveled to Paris, France to proselytize about Portland, it’s weirdness and keeping same in tact at la Gaite Lyrique, an art center and bastion of French weird-outs. Tara Jane O’Neil performed in a number of incarnations, at least one of which played her new single in our International Pop Underground series, “Sirena” / “Rainbow Connection” [IPU136], which is available at this moment from the K Mail Order Dept. as a digital downloadable or 7″ 45 rpm phonograph record. It’s one hot potato you cannot drop! That means it is pop music, the kind your mind hums along to even when you are not there. Hear it for yourself!

The Hive Dwellers New Album Is Hewn Now!Evan Hashi of the Hive Dwellers beakfasting with Erin Earthling at the home of Nancy Kangas (of Nancy’s Magazine) in Columbus, Ohio

The Hive Dwellers arrived back from their U.S. tour at the end of April to play the first musical event at the new location of the Olympia All Ages Project‘s Northern space, located on Legion Way right next to Planned Parenthood. Also on the bill were Sleep in Sundays and the Cavities. It was a rollicking good evening of wholesome rock’n’roll music and dancing. The new Hive Dwellers album Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP241] will be on the streets June 12; the K Mail Order Dept. has it available as a pre-order right now, to be sent out this Friday, May 11! If you pre-order a copy of Hewn from the Wilderness as a digital downloadable, LP or CD, you will immediately be sent an MP3 of the Hive Dwellers song “Somebody’s Phone Is Ringing”. Get on that.

Arrington Tours Again!

2012 has been a busy year for Arrington de Dionyso, there hasn’t been a month in which he was not off on tour somewhere on the planet (same with the last quarter of 2011, too)! On Sunday he flew to the east coast to tour about with Thollem McDonas, a foray into the wilds of American musical mayhem that continues through May 25. They are touring in celebration of their new collaboration Ten Thousand Tigers, an extemely limited-edition self-released compact disc that can only be obtained at one of the Arrington / Thollem shows. You can see where/when Arrington and Thollem are performing at the SHOWS PAGE.
If you are here in Olympia there is a display of Arrington‘s drawings and watercolors entitled Ten Thousand Tigers on display in an empty storefront at 509 Washington Street SE. It will be available for viewing through May 20.

Ruby Fray Are Touring This Summer!
The new Ruby Fray album Pith [KLP239] has hit the streets like the most perfectly shaped skipping stone, the resulting wake is shimmering across the seven seas. Emily Beanblossom (Ruby Fray masthead and mouthpiece, pictured at left) will be swinging through Olympia next month to record with the ever-sprightly Christmas before launching a U.S. tour with Ruby Fray, playing all the places one would like to be in the summertime. All of your Pith favorites are on the playlist, certainly.

Fred Thomas Is at It Again!
As you know, our Fred Thomas (along with band mate Ryan Howard) released a new City Center album on K last year, Redeemer [KLP231]. This year Fred and Ryan have cobbled together a new version of their former combo Saturday Looks Good to Me to tour across the East Coast and Midwest. For a complete list of their tour dates, check the SHOWS PAGE. The Saturday looks Good to Me album released by K, Fill Up the Room [KLP182], is available over at the K Mail order Dept.


LAKE Tour the West!
The West Coast of the United States will receive a special gift this month as LAKE head out to play shows through Oregon, Washington and California, ending in Olympia at Northern June 3. Visit the SHOWS PAGE for a complete list of their tour dates.


Northwest Folklife Festival Featuring K!
Memorial Day weekend is coming up quickly, and that means the Northwest Folklife Festival will happen again (for the 41st time!) at the Seattle Center. This year K will be well represented with two different events. On Friday, May 25, on the outdoor stage (7:00 PM) you can witness Playing with Matches featuring Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets, the Curious Mystery, Western Hymn and the Bash Brothers. On Saturday, May 26, we move to the Center House Theatre (1:30 PM) for Our Indoor Campfire with Kendl Winter, the Hive Dwellers, Katie & the Lichen, and the Softies. This is a rare appearance by the Softies (featuring Rose Melberg of Tiger Trap and Jen Sbragia of the All Girl Summer Fun Band), so dunt miss out! All Northwest Folklife Festival events are free and accessible to audience members of all ages. The photograph accompanying this paragraph is of Olympia’s Hail Seizures, busking at Northwest Folklife Festival 2011!

Solvents and Community Radio (and a New Album)!
Port Townsend, Washington, bucking the national trend (as usual) launched a new community radio station early in 2011, KPTZ-FM, which is available for listening at 91.9 FM all over the San Juan Islands and northern shores of the Olympic Penninsula, or around the world at KPTZ.org. Musical combo Solvents, friend and ally to many a K combo, have been strong supporters of KPTZ since way back. They  have put together an album comprised of recordings made between 2002 and 2012 called The World Is not a Vampire: Lost, demos, outtakes, Unheard, as a fundraiser for KPTZ. The collection opens with two brand new songs written and recorded in Sayulita, Mexico via a mobile telephone. The World Is not a Vampire is an on-line release coordinated by the Seattle label MASA Records, a non-profit that encourages the artists to choose a cause for their release to benefit. Naturally, Solvents choose KPTZ! The album is for sale as a “pay what you will” (from zero to a billion dollars!). Visit the MASA Records website and make your claim for the new Solvents album!

ExCitIng New ThinGamAjigs frOm Our FRieNds and NeiGhBorS!

Broken Water Seaside and Sedmikrásky LP (BW)
A new self-released album from Olympia’s Broken Water. A torrid session of sound and insulation, two major works on either side of one vital piece of vinyl. “Seaside” is a 16+ minute song featuring our friend Lori Goldston on the cello. After reading the book,  “In the Realm of the Hungry Ghost” by Dr. Gabor Mate,  Kanako Wynkoop (Broken Water singer and instrumentalist) was inspired and wrote a bassline that hopes to float around the voids of the hungry ghosts in Olympia. The song “Sedmikrasky” is a tip of the hat to the Czechoslovak New Wave feminist film maker Věra Chytilová and her film Daisies.  The main characters of Daisies decide the world is bad,  so they might as well be bad too.

Memory Boys Send It Across to Me LP
Grant, MaritKevin, Eli and Ashley (of LAKE, read an interview with Ashley next week on the K Weblog!). Part Oregon, part Washington, all Olympia. Good friends that share a love of recording, writing, listening to and talking about music.  Hand silk screened jackets, front and back, a full page insert and printed record labels. This is really a highly personalized art object. It sounds good and crisp coming off the vinyl. This record is a self-released by Ashley & Eli and was recorded on Whidbey Island, Wash. and at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Wash.  Mastered by Bob Schwenkler.


Spidder #16 fanzine
The latest edition of the classic SPIDDER zine series from our friends the Pine Hill Haints & Black Owl Radio! Stories, photographs, & Katie Kat comics!




Lost Bayou Ramblers featuring Gordon Gano “Bastille” 12″ (Bayou Perdu)
Lost Bayou Ramblers was born deep in South Louisiana performing old style, predominantly acoustic Cajun music which they now mix in with other musical influences playing whatever they want, though it rarely strays far from their Louisiana roots, it always sound fresh. This is a new single from the upcoming album Mammoth Waltz featuring Gordon Gano from Violent Femmes. B Side is a rad remix by GIVERS’ Kirby Campbell and friend, producer, and engineer Korey Richey.



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