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Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

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Chain & The Gang – PRE-ORDER In Cool Blood 

In Cool Blood [KLP240] is officially up for pre-order in the K Mail Order Department!  Ordering a record from K is special, like actually taking part in the process of its creation.  In Cool Blood was recorded here, in Dub Narcotic Studio, and it’s a little piece of magic when the album completes its journey, is hand-wrapped and mailed from the K office to your door.  Pre-order In Cool Blood and you’ll get a throw-back from 1995, a rad hand-drawn four page counter-culture zine, “Chain Letters,” made by the most amazing suit-wearing man in the United States, Ian Svenonius.  And you’ll get it in the mail.  Even if you order the album digitally.  For reals.

Pre-orders for In Cool Blood [KLP240] end on Friday May 25th!

Want a preview?  Stream our favorite track “Surprise Party” from our Tumblr, Notes From the K Office. x

Chat With Ashley Eriksson (of LAKE!)

LAKE are about to head out on a west coast tour at the end of this month, but K intern Nicole was able to sit down with LAKE leader Ashley and catch up on all her latest happenings before the band leaves town–a feat, considering LAKE has  two upcoming records, and are involved in two touring side projects, Baby Island and Memory Boys.  Find all of LAKE’s tour dates on the K shows page!

Find the interview with Ashley on our weblog, where its featured as exclusive content.

A Few Words About Paris & Spain from TJO

Tara Jane ONeil’s new limited-edition single, Sirena” b/w “Rainbow Connection” [IPU136], is now available in the K Mail Order Dept., and she just returned from Paris, where she was Keeping Portland Weird, representing the PNW in a big way.  , we got in touch with her via email to find out how the festivities went, and to get some background on the mystical “Sirena” single.  Check out what she had say on our weblog, the magical place that it is. You can listen to “Sirena” on Tumblr as well….http://krecs.tumblr.com/post/19706487286

Kendl Winter plays Folklife 2012

Folklife Festival in Seattle!

West coasters, listen up!  The Folklife Festival is going to be happening in Seattle in a week and a half, and K’s got two shows lined up, one on Friday, May 25th (featuring Angelo Spencerthe Curious MysteryWestern Hymn, and special guest KMVP) and the other on Saturday, May 26th (featuring  the Hive DwellersKendl Winter (pictured above), Katie & the Lichen, and the Softies).  The Softies will be playing our stage as one of their reunion gigs, which you can read all about in our interview with Rose Melberg!

In Other News…

Arrington de Dionyso (of Old Time Relijun acclaim) is still out on his amazing tour.  Have you seen him?  Send us a testimonial, please, and I’ll put it up on the blog…info@krecs.com.

Ruby Fray‘s Emily Beanblossom is rounding up her band from the four corners of the country and is going out on tour this July.  Pith, her first solo release, will be amazing to behold live.  Preview it on the shop! And we’ll announce her shows soon!  http://shop.krecs.com/collections/frontpage/products/klp239

Calvin Johnson, our esteemed front man and leader of The Hive Dwellers has a busy busy summer, what with the release of Hewn From the Wilderness in June, curating the mixed-tape for The Believer‘s summer music issue, touring the country with Katie & The Lichen, Helsing Junction for K’s 30th anniversary and playing readings for Love, Rock, Revolution, Mark Baumgarten’s new book about K coming out on Sasquatch this July.  You will have so many opportunities to show Calvin the love and to support independent music everywhere this summer.  But Calvin will tell you all about this in his newsletter next week.  Go to some basement shows!

So Yes, Until Next Time….

Ian says pre-order Chain & the Gang!

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