K News: March 28, 2012

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Ruby Fray Has Pith! The world is agog over the new Ruby Fray album Pith [KLP239], out now on K. “Pith” means enthusiasm or vigor, particularly in artistic endeavours. In this case Pith is a passel of Emily Beanblossom (you know, from Christmas) songs that strike the heart and resonate with all of your inner demons. Although the official release date for Pith is April 17,  you’ll find it right now at the K Mail Order Dept. for a pittence, as either a digital downloadable, compact disc or the reliable LP format. Once you have all the Pith songs memorized you’ll be ready to see Ruby Fray as they launch themselves across the U.S.A. this summer, tour-a-riffic.

Pre-Order Your Tara Jane!

The Big News over at the K Mail Order Dept. is you  can pre-order Tara Jane O’Neil‘s new volume in our International Pop Underground series “Sirena” / “Rainbow Connection” [IPU136]. Intended for both dreamers and lovers, for sleepy afternoons in the sunshine and moments of light and laughter, these two songs are captured with such artistry that they are almost tangible: “Sirena” is a lullaby of a song O’Neil wrote about a Spanish folk tale; “The Rainbow Connection” is an anthem for people who still see magic things and hear the magic call (stargazers, dreamers, lovers).
The official release date is May 22, but if you order “Sirena” by April 20 from the K Mail Order Dept. you will not only receive both songs a month ahead of the pack, you also receive the digital bonus song “Bee Leave“, which will not be availble to the poor sods who do not take us up on this fantabulous offer! “Bee Leave” will be zapped directly to your in-box the moment you place your pre-order for “Sirena”, so get hopping!

The Hive Dwellers and the Curious Mystery Collide!
The Hive Dwellers are careening across the country as you read this, playing shows across the Midwest and South on their way to meet-up with the Curious Mystery in North Carolina. Sure to be a freak scene. For a complete list of tour dates visit the SHOWS PAGE.

M’Lady’s on the March!
Here are three new releases from the latest addition to the pantheon of excitement-inducing Northwest record labels, M’Lady’s!

Julianna Barwick Sanguine LP (M’Lady’s)
Ms. Barwick‘s debut long-player available on vinyl for the first time (originally self-released, compact disc only), and boy, is it breathtaking. 13 miniature gems, paving the glittering highway that she has built since with her spectacular voice. Designed for HEAVY ROTATION, especially in the dead of winter! Mastered by Paul Gold for maximum swoon, and sleeved in a chandelier encrusted with gold foil (LP only, mind you).

Grass Widow / Nature split 45 (M’Lady’s)
Two of America’s favorite groups team up to turn on ALL the lights. Grass Widow‘s side is beyond our wildest dreams: it’s called “Disappearing Industries”, brimming over with great ideas. Likewise for Nature! “In A Place” sounds like secret societies wielding wild energy underground. Mystery and magick and brilliance in abundance.

Brute Heart “Fever” 45 (M’Lady’s)
Brute Heart are from Minneapolis, and have already released two truly deep albums (their self-released debut Brass Beads and last year’s Lonely Hunter on Soft Abuse). Jackie, Crystal, and Crystal know the power of echo and the power of tonality, and bring it round like the crazy world of Arthur Russell all over again! This single will get under your skin fast.


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