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Saturday, April 14th, 2012

The Tara Jane Connection!
Tara Jane O’Neil is a major player in the K world and what the wtf she has a new volume in our International Pop Underground series hitting the streets next month, “Sirena” / “Rainbow Connection” [IPU136]!
Discriminating patrons or the arts are getting in on a special offer from the K Mail Order Dept. – one may pre-order “Sirena” to be sent April 20 as either a digital downloadable MP3 or 45 rpm phonograph record. Said pre-orders will not only succeed in achieving the listenability of “Sirena” more than one month before the general populace, it also results in a bonus song by Tara Jane O’Neil, “Bee Leave“, sent immediately (as an MP3 digital downloadable) to you, our fearless K reader. Sweet dealings in the digital domain!



The Hive Dwellers Twirl and Hewn!


Gabriel Will of the Hive Dwellers at AikEi Pro’s Record Shop, Holly Springs, Ms.

The new album by The Hive DwellersHewn from the Wilderness [KLP241], is the essence of rock’n’roll moved from the garage to the basement to the rec room and then back out into the wild. Calvin Johnson plays guitar and sings his songs in combination with Gabriel Will on assorted stringed instruments and the contributions of several distinctive drummers who have made their mark on the Hive DwellersSpencer KelleyBrett Lyman and K.E. Sixx. (currently Evan Hashi is occupying the treasured Hive Dwellers throne). It’s a new Loretta Lynn underground show touring the country right now, one of the best combinations in the last ten years, a perfect traveling troupe of twirl twang breaks and southern Thurston County charm from a North Thurston trio.

What does it all mean? The album Hewn from the Wilderness contains the life force behind K, what Calvin believes rock’n’roll sounds like when living with the dead. Recorded in Olympia at the famed Dub Narcotic Studio with magikal production assistance from the likes of Fred Thomas and Karl Blau, Hewn from the Wilderness is the ultimate. It will be available to the general populace June 12 in digital downloadable, compact disc or LP phonograph record formats. For those who cannot wait that long (and honestly, who can wait to hear this gem?) the K Mail Order Dept. is offering to accept pre-orders for Hewn from the Wilderness to be sent off May 11, more than one month before the official release date!


Each pre-order (of any format) will immediately receive an MP3 of “Somebody’s Phone Is Ringing” by the Hive Dwellers, a special bonus single drawn from Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP241]. Your smile has got me reeling!


The Hive Dwellers‘  Evan Hashi  and  Gabriel Will with Katie from Every Thing Goes Book Cafe, Staten Island, N.Y.





The Curious Mystery In Residence!
Each Sunday all April long the Curious Mystery will be residing at the Ace Hotel in N.Y., N.Y., entrancing all with their haze-inducing blues soul psychedelic style. It is a real treat for Gotham, April in New York with a touch of Seattle magik. The recent Curious Mystery album We Creeling [KLP225] was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio by Karl Blau; it has a sheen of bluesy psychedelia that weeps crayon colored tears. Feast the eyes on these shots of the Curious Mystery playing Easter Sunday in the lobby of the Ace:

– Shana thrumming the auto-harp-

Johnny‘s elbow above the souvenir stand and double-necked electric sitar-

M. tom-tom-riffic with Shana‘s elbow, too-
Nic playing the electric sitar on the dinner table-

New Items from Our Friends and Neighbors!
Here are two LAKE related releases from some nearby label pals. The recent LAKE addition to our Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series, “Gravel”, backed by the Selector Dub Narcotic mix “Regrade” [DBN116], is still available from the K Mail Order Dept.

Skrill Meadow Hard Water CS (Gnar Tapes)
Markly Morrison began making homemade cassette albums under the moniker “Skrill Meadow” in 1999. Hailing from Lancaster, CA and currently residing in Olympia, WA, he continues the tradition when he has free time from other projects (LAKE, Lazer Zeppelin, Los Perros Calientes, Malaikat Dan Singa, etc.) This collection of songs finds SKRILL MEADOW combining his country stylings with club jams… I’ll call it COUNTRY CLUB.

Solid Home Life Solid Home Life LP
Solid Home Life is like the old lace that people used to make before there were machines, have you ever seen that stuff? It is a delicately woven together document of love, loss, and the mundane wrapped gently in a fiery and transcendent joy. Each track communicates personal messages from co-writers Lindsay Schief (LAKE) and Greg Olin (Graves). They are singing to each other, to others and luckily, to us. It feels as it may fall apart because it so fine, any misstep and the fabric would crumble. Nothing falls apart, and un-ironic charm moves each thread through the hoop. From the traditional folk structures to calypso rhythms, every track on Solid Home Life weaves a pattern that hooks the ear.



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