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Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Calvin Talks About Hewn

The Hive Dwellers’ Hewn From the Wilderness [KLP241]–Calvin’s first LP in five years–is out in a little under two weeks (June 12th), but its been available in the K Mail Order Dept. since the beginning of May.  (All of our releases are up in the shop four weeks before they hit the streets). In preparation for the release date, we asked Calvin about one of our favorite tracks from the record, “Somebody’s Phone Is Ringing.”  Here’s what he had to say:

[K.E.] Sixx plays drums on that one.  She was like, ‘We should start a band,’ and the Hive Dwellers didn’t quite exist yet.  This was in 2008.  So we needed some songs, and that one came up.  It was really hard to play on the guitar, because I hadn’t played a steel string guitar in a long time, so I got these huge blisters.  Michelle [Mae] from Make-Up originally played bass, but that version didn’t sound as good so we re-recorded it with Brett Lyman on bass.  Karl Blau produced it and plays keyboards on there.  Carson [Kabel] played the Hammond organ.”

The Hive Dwellers performing “Somebody’s Phone is Ringing” at the Northern reopening party, April 29th, 2012:

Chain & the Gang’s In Cool Blood Shipping Out!

All the pre-orders for In Cool Blood [KLP240], the much anticipated new album from Chain & the Gangare shipping out with their zine, CHAIN LETTERS, handmade and copied by Ian, Katie, and the rest of the Gang.  Unfortunately the zine is a pre-order exclusive, and so only the folks who got their orders in before the end of last week are going to get their hands on this piece of Chain memorabilia.  But its a riotous good time, with more phony ads than an old comic book.  Find someone to share with!

P.S. Didn’t get the pre-order in on time?  Don’t sweat it–you can order your copy of In Cool Blood from the K Mail Order Dept., and get it before it hits stores on June 26th.

Summer Means K Fieldtrips!

Last weekend the K team took a trip up to the sun-soaked Seattle Center for Folklife Festival.  We had a stage for each day, with the Bash Bros.Western Hymn, Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets, and the Curious Mystery performing on Friday, and Katie & the LichenKendl Winter, the Softies, and The Hive Dwellers performing on Saturday.  Calvin snapped some pictures of each set and posted them on our weblog.

Today (Wednesday) the whole K office packs up and drives to Portland for the Chickfactor’s 20th Anniversary Festivities: For the Love of Pop Party at Bunk Bar starring Lois, The Softies, Joe Pernice and Selector Dub Narcotic on the tables.   Parties!  Summer!  We have some great videos of The Softies and Lois to put up on the Tumblr over the next few days….

Next K fieldtrip?  Anacortes Unknown Music Series.  We’ll keep you posted.

Tour Dates

K bands are hitting the road this spring, travelling around the the U.S. Pacific coast, as well as the United Kingdom and Japan.  Look below for dates from Mirah & Thao, The Pine Hill Haints, The Maxines, and the last leg of LAKE’s most recent tour.  See everyone’s upcoming dates (Mount Eerie at the Northern!  on our shows page.


06.01.12 – Tokyo, Japan @ O-NEST
06.02.12 – Kamakura, Japan @ Cafe Goatee
06.03.12 – Matsumoto, Okinawa Japan @ Gunjiyo
06.05.12 – Kanazawa, Japan @ ARTGUMMI
06.06.12 – Osaka, Japan @ Common Cafe
06.07.12 – Kyoto, Japan @ urBANGUILD
06.08.12 – Nagoya, Japan @ KD Japon
06.09.12 – Tokyo, Japan @ Ryoudenji Temple
06.15.12 – Seoul, South Korea
06.16.12 – Seoul, South Korea

06.01.12 – Florence, AL @ First Fridays Arts Event
07.10.12 – Liverpool, UK @ TBA
07.12.12 – Preston, UK  @ The Continental
07.13.12 – Leeds, UK @ Brudenhall Social Club
07.14.12 – Harrogate, UK
07.15.12 – Brixton, UK @ The Windmill
07.18.12 – Brighton, UK @ The Albert
07.19.12 – London, UK @ Folkfest – The Bedford
07.20.12 – Huntingdon, UK @ Secret Garden Party Festival
07.21.12 – Newcastle, UK @ Summertyne Fest, Gateshead
07.22.12 – Newcastle, UK @ Boat on the Tyne

The Maxines

06.09.12 – Victoria, BC @ Talk’s Cheap Records
06.24.12 – Olympia, WA @ The Brotherhood
06.29.12 – Olympia, WA @ The Swamp House
07.06.12 – Portland, OR
07.07.12 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
07.08.12 – Santa Rosa, CA
07.13.12 – Fullerton, CA @ Burger Records
07.14.12 – Santa Cruz, CA @ The Jury Room
08.01.12 – Olympia, WA @ Northern


05.30.12 – Davis, CA @ Robot Rocket Residence
05.31.12 – Chico, CA @ Cafe Coda
06.01.12 – Ashland, OR @ Jackson Wellsprings
06.02.12 – Portland, OR @ Backspace
06.03.12 – Olympia, WA @ Northern

Upcoming tours TBA w/ Christmas, Ruby Fray, Arrington de Dionyso & Malaikat Dan Singa, Tender Forever, Calvin Johnson and Chain & The Gang.

A Few Words From Arrington de Dionyso

“I just got back from a three week tour with a longtime collaborator named Thollem McDonas. Thollem is a virtuoso who was raised to be a concert pianist. Somewhere along the way he left the classical music world to join, shall we say, the “dark side” of post-improvised experimental music and since then he has traveled the world many times over playing with such noted luminaries as William Parker, Mike Watt, Deerhoof, Martha Colburn, Tsigoti, and many, many others. We met about ten years ago when I was organizing the Olympia Festival of Experimental Music. We’ve played a lot over the years but this was the first time we were able to tour together, performing every single night of the week for almost three weeks straight, from the East Coast, through the Rust Belt out to St. Louis, Kansas City, and Denver. There were many highlights of this tour, organized to let the world know about our new album “Ten Thousand Tigers” (downloadable at www.arrington.bandcamp.com). One of my favorite gigs was at the Cecil Taylor Festival held at Issue Project Room in downtown Brooklyn. The Room is a very elegant space, with a natural reverb that allowed me to play the bass clarinet without any microphones or amplification, and that was one of the only gigs we did that provided Thollem a grand piano. Great times, wish you could have been there. Here are some photos from that show taken by NYC’s Peter Gannushkin-


There’s footage from a great gig in Buffalo at The Vault= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mQ_HsRzHfM

and another gig we did at Laumeier Sculpture Garden in St. Louis, MO- http://erichall.bandcamp.com/album/arrington-de-dionyso-thollem-mcdonas-and-eric-hall-live-at-laumeier-sculpture-park-saint-louis-mo-on-may-23rd-2012


Until next time…

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