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Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Ruby Fray Advanced March!

As you read this Ruby Fray are playing multiple spontaneous happenings around Asutin, TX., because the more they play, the more they are in demand! The debut Ruby Fray album Pith [KLP239] hits the streets April 17, but discerning music lovers are pre-ordering it from the K Mail Order Dept. (as either digital downloadable, LP or CD) so it will be delivered to them March 16. By pre-ordering Pith [KLP239] before March 16 you receive three digital bonus songs,”Lordy Lordy,” (recorded thru a boombox during the Pith sessions), a cover of the Dolly Parton song “Jolene,” and a studio version of “Barren Hill” recorded with Brandt Kempin on bazouki & throat singing. All the Johnny-Come-Latelys who obtain Pith over the summer will not experience this three-song bonus bonanza, people. Only you our dear, devoted K reader will have that singular experience. Ruby Fray as you are aware is the fount of creative expression bursting forth from Ms. Emily Beanblossom (pictured above), sing-song-shouter with Christmas (best known for their Dub Narcotic Disco Plate from last year, “Namiot” [DBN118]). Ruby Fray will be touring all about this summer, keep an eye out, they will hit your town.

Curious Mystery: Residency, Video, Tour, New 45!Last week the Curious Mystery left on a cross country sojourn with the ultimate destination of New York City, where they are scheduled to play a month-long residency every Sunday evening at the Ace Hotel. So many shows shows shows they will play all over America on the way east, find out where when at the SHOWS PAGE. Songs from their recent album We Creeling [KLP225] are definitely on the playlist, plus selections from their recent session at Dub Narcotic Studio with Calvin Johnson. The world awaits the release of the first two songs from that session, “Be Still” and “Cock of the Rock”, coupled on their upcoming volume in our International Pop Underground series. You can hear “Be Still” over at the Pink Elephants Graveyard because the Curious Mystery have developed multi-headed video imagery to accompany its swirling and saturated sounds. Give it a peek! In other spirited Curious Mystery news, Ms. Stacey Rozich, creator of the imagery that graces the cover of We Creeling [KLP225] recently had a full page article written about her in CityArts magazine. You can read it HERE.

Tara Jane O’Neil Is Keeping Portland Weird!
Our Tara Jane O’Neil is very busy these days and nights. Currently she is in Woodstock, N.Y., mixing an album she recorded last year by Catherine Ann Irwin (of Freakwater fame). The rest of her spring will be quite bustling. In April she heads off to Paris to freak out the squares at a series of events called Keep Portland Weird, featuring a scad of Portland, Oregon area artists, including Tender Forever and Mirah, at the Centre Pompidou. Tara will play with her all-star band and particiapate in a live soundtrack to films by Vanessa Renwick. At the end of May Tara Jane O’Neil travels to New York City to collaborate using “musical elements” with artist Dawn Kasper at her performance installation Nomadic Studio during the final weekend of the Whitney Biennial.
Last year K released a collaborative effort by Tara Jane O’Neil with the Japanese music master Nikaido Kazumi, their five-year long musical pairing that resulted in the album Tara Jane O’Neil and Nikaido Kazumi [KLP234]. Coming up ver soon is her new volume in our International Pop Underground series, “Sirena” / “Rainbow Connection” [IPU136]. Get yourself prepared for the “Sirena” pre-order blitz!

The Hive Dwellers Tour Around!
Next week the Hive Dwellers leave Olympia to tour around the Midwest, South, East Coast and back to the Northwest. They will meet up with the Curious Mystery for a twelve day stint, North Carolina to Connecticut. You can view the complete itinerary at the SHOWS PAGE. The forthcoming Hive Dwellers album Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP2421] is due June 12. Recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio it features eleven of the most-requested songs from their live repertoire including “Somebody’s Phone Is Ringing”, “Sitting Alone at the Movies” and “The Dignity of Saint Jude”. Pre-orders for Hewn from the Wilderness will be accepted by the K Mail Order Dept. beginning in April. In the meantime, the Hive Dwellers 12″ EP “Get in” [KLP223] is still available from the K Mail Order Dept. You can view a performance of the Hive Dwellers playing “Get in” at a recent Olympia show with a lithe Miko Elvin dancing along, over at the Pink Elephants Graveyard.

Chain & the Gang on the Loose!

In anticipation of their upcoming album on K, In Cool Blood [KLP240], Chain & the Gang are touring all scrambled up, California, Ontario, Missouri and El Paso, TX. Freak scene. In Cool Blood was recorded in Olympia, Washington at Dub Narcotic Studio with Calvin Johnson and it is one wild ride. Did you even know rock’n’roll could jump-start your epinephrine glands? Chain & the Gang live are like bungee jumping from the back of the RMS Lusitania. Check their full itinerary HERE, and then hop to it.

The Latest Plots at the Pink Elephants Graveyard!
Where we store all the cultural artifacts documenting all that is uniquely K, that’s the Pink Elephants Graveyard. Interred this week are:

Words a Four Letter Fuck, a loving documentary about Bellingham, Washington music mayhem maestro Michael Griffen, who played in the improv noise traders Noggin and the hard as rocks Behead the Prophet , No Lord Shall Live.

Northwest All Ages Music & Arts, A seven minute documentary produced by the Northwest Folklife Festival about the Olympia All Ages Project and Vera, featuring Tender Forever and the Hive Dwellers.

The Latest From Our Friends and Neighbors!
New musical offerings from our closest musical colleagues.

Ashley Eriksson “What a Fool Believes” 7″ 45 rpm (Funkytonk)
A solo single by Ashley Eriksson of LAKE. This has a ’70s cover on one side and an Ashley original, “Following a Brooke” on the flip. A stone groove.



Baby Island Baby Island cassette
An album of new material from Ashley and Eli of LAKE with a couple of their Whidbey Island cohorts, Mark and Nick. Full-bloom flower power generational re-birth.




Nuts! #9 fanzine
A manual for the new Olympia lifestyle. Nuts! is a fanzine printed on actual paper! This latest issue includes an article by Tobi Vail entitled “A Secret History of Olympia Girl Punk”, plus the latest news about Arctic Flowers, Christian Mistress and more.

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