K News – April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Fresh off the presses, we have TOTE BAGS!

Pie, Texas & Footwear with Miss Emily Beanblossom!

Emily Beanblossom, the lead singer of Christmas and the mastermind behind Ruby Fray, answers six questions for the  K Weblog.  Ruby Fray’s new wicked long-player, Pith, is up for order & download on the K Shop, even though it doesn’t hit stores until April 17th!  Get to know Emily (the dreamboat that she is) a little bit better from our questions (detailing her preferences in pie, music, and footwear) here!

‘Keep Portland Weird’ With TJO

In the process of promoting her many projects (as well as creating all of her own artwork), our Tara Jane ONeil is busy, busy, busy.  Known for her amazing collaborations (remember her rad project with Nikaido Kazumi last spring, everyone?), TJO has a full Spring calendar, including a collaborative performance with Dawn Kasper as part of the Whitney Biennial in NYC (info TBA), her ongoing work with The Secret Drum Band, and her sure-to-be amazing role in the Keep Portland Weird project in Paris later this month with Mirah and Tender Forever along with Stephen Malkmus and Glass Candy.  She’s also scoring Michelle Lawler’s chapter in Valencia, the movies based on the book by Michelle Tea.  And oh yes, she has a new 7″ coming out on K in May!

So now a bit about the 7″… Tara Jane ONeil’s new single is a beaut–glittering with magic and sighing dreams. The official release date isn’t until May 22nd, but you can pre-order “Sirena” b/w “Rainbow Connection” [IPU136] right this second! When you order from the K Mail Order Dept., your order gets sent out on April 20th, a month before the street date, along with a digital bonus song entitled “Bee Leave,” TJO’s Cher slightly-altered rockin’ cover “Believe” by Cher.  Dudes!  Buy it!  TJO is awesome.

Kimya Dawson On Tour–Check Out The Bundles LP!

Kimya Dawson’s out on tour, finishing up one leg tonight in North Carolina, and starting up another in about two weeks.  For those of you out there pumped to see her perform, this is the perfect time to look back at Kimya’s discography and discover an obscurity–the self-titled debut LP [KLP214] by The Bundles, a band formed by Kimya with Jeffrey & Jack Lewis, Anders Griffen, and Karl Blau.  All of the unique voices of the band bounce off each other to reach a creative reality that is askew and awesome in ways that prove that the group is greater than just the sum of its parts.  Explore it in the K Mail Order Dept. and let us know what you think on our Facebook page!


The Hive Dwellers Blaze Across America!
The Hive Dwellers are still on the open road, currently meeting up with The Curious Mystery in North Carolina and New York.  On March 27th, they stopped in St. Louis, MO to do an in-studio at KDHX, the local community radio powerhouse, before their show that evening.  You can now stream the whole session below, and be sure to check them out when they come to a town near you!

The Hivedwellers: Live at KDHX 3/27/12 by KDHX

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