K News: April 25, 2012

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

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The seasons change and the more they do, the more they stay the same. For instance, remember last spring how excited you were to orders stacks of digital downloadables from the K Mail Order Dept.? May 2012 is almost here and there are so many delicious phonograph records, garments and download digitables available now from the K Mail Order Dept. that we decided to go easy on you and hand off a Spring 10% off coupon to all our gentle K readers! All you gotta do is mention the discount code:      sunny
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The Hive Dwellers Return!
Evan Hashi and Gabriel Will of the Hive Dwellers in front of Sugar City

This weekend the Hive Dwellers return to the Northwest after touring all over Ohio, North Carolina and New York to play three shows in their home territories:

Thursday, April 26, Seattle, Washington, 20 20 Cycle
Friday April 27, Portland, Oregon, Food for Thought
Saturday, April 28, Olympia, Washington, Northern

Two weeks ago their tour found them playing with the Curious Mystery at the final show of storefront gallery and performance space Sugar City in Buffalo, N.Y. Sugar City operated for over three years hosting all sorts of creative endeavors from art shows to craft bonanzas and underground music sprees. They are looking to re-open in a new location. Congratulations to AimeeDan and all the other fine folks who maintained Sugar City for all of Buffalo!

The final show of the Hive Dweller‘s tour is this Saturday, presented by the Olympia All Ages Project at their newly opened Northern location in downtown Olympia. It is exciting that Olympia once again has a location for all ages events. The new Northern location opens this Friday during downtown Olympia’s Spring Arts Walk. On Saturday the Hive Dwellers will play along with Watch It Sparkle and the Cavities, inaugurating a whole new era in Olympia underground sounds.

There is a new album by the Hive Dwellers, Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP241], out June 12 on K. Pre-orders are being accepted by the K Mail Order Dept. and will be sent out a month ahead of the pack, on May 11. That’s coming up right soon! All pre-orders will be sent an advance MP3 of one song from Hewn form the Wilderness, “Somebody’s Phone Is Ringing”, the moment their order has been received. Excitement. Get in on the pre-order madness and get some Hewn from the Wilderness wildness!
Shana and Marianne of the Curious Mystery watching the Hive Dwellers at the Coudersport Theater, Coudersport, PA.

Markly Makes His Mark!
Besides running the prolific Brown Interior Music cassette label, rocking it hardcore with LAKE and Lazer Zepplin and busking in front of Target and Wallmart, Markly Morrison somehow found the time to record an entire album of his own Skrill Meadow music for Portland’s prestigious Gnar Tapes & Shit cassette-only label. Now the K Mail Order Dept. offers it up for you, gentle K reader:

Skrill Meadow Hard Water CS (Gnar Tapes & Shit)
Markly Morrison began making homemade cassette albums under the moniker “Skrill Meadow” in 1999. Hailing from Lancaster, CA and currently residing in Olympia, WA, he continues the tradition when he has free time from other projects (LAKE, Lazer Zeppelin, Los Perros Calientes, Malaikat Dan Singa, etc.) This collection of songs finds SKRILL MEADOW combining his country stylings with club jams… I’ll call it COUNTRY CLUB.


OthEr nEw iTeMs tO HeAr!

Sleep in Sundays Okay CD (Blackburn Recordings)
A wonderful new experience in song singing magic comes from K intern Eric and his Sleep in Sundays outfit. They opened for the Hive Dwellers in St. Louis, Mo. the otehr week and everyone was charmed. Bloody yourself!



Falsetto Boy / Sleep in Sundays The Sunflower split LP (Blackburn Recordings)
The Sunflower is the debut vinyl release of St. Louis based artists Sleep In Sundays and Falsetto Boy. While Sleep In Sundays‘ music feels delicate, Falsetto Boy is playful and wide eyed. This record captures two different artists reveling in the melancholy produced by Midwestern alienation in unique and brilliant ways.





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