K Artist Playlist by Nic Zwart

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

[Members of the K staff have created Staff Playlists for the K Mail Order Dept.  Now some K artists are joining in the fun, sharing their favorite K musics with the populace. Here is a list of recordings selected by Nic Zwart, formerly of Desolation Wilderness, and mastermind behind Electric Sunset. His K Artist Playlist is available as individual digital downloadables or as a full album download.]
Nic says: “It was tough to create this mix. I have a lot of K faves, but these songs in particular remind me of ‘the good old days’ in a special way. Right now, I live in Babylon, but when I listen to these songs I’m magically transported via a hexed-out band-van to my own idyllic days of yore in Olympia, WA, where I bummed around the K offices and gardens, collecting guitar strings and drinking some kind of crazy tea which might not have actually been tea. On some of these cuts, I was lucky enough to be there in the studio while the spells were being cast.
“However, these songs aren’t just a nostalgia trip for me. They actually make a great soundtrack to my daily cruise down superhighway 101 w/ the convertible roof down and the car-phone redirected to my male secretary (it being 2012…). Chutzpa, spark, vitality… whatever you want to call it, for as long as I’ve been listening, albums from K records sound like if you poked them, they’d chirp or shout at you. Or poke back.
“I don’t know quite where I’m going with this (does anyone?), but I think I’d like to dedicate this mix to the ideals of freedom, innocence, and adventure, which are engraved on the side of the K shield hidden from the camera in order to remind those holding it of what’s actually important.”
1. Mahjongg – Free Groove Rider
2. Atlas Sound – Atlas Shrugged
3. Angelo Spencer – Music Is My Sweat
4. Chain & the Gang – Trash Talk
5. City Center – Redeemer
6. The Hive Dwellers – Sitting Alone At The Movies
7. Hornet Leg – Bleed The Blood
8. Beat Happening – What’s Important
9. Beat Happening – Hot Chocolate Boy
10. Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat Dan Singa – Baru Limunan 

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