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Friday, March 21st, 2014

This afternoon, I took a walk down from K to Rainy Day Records, here in Olympia, Wash., and scored some copies of the new HYSTERICS 7″ from Stephie. And I am pleased to announce to you, loyal blog reader, that this epic E.P. is now back in stock in the K Mail Order Dept.! (See? I share…)

HYSTERICS – Can’t I Live 7″ (M’lady’s)

Hysterics - Can't I Live (M'lady's)Can’t I Live is the second vinyl release by Olympia (and Seattle) band Hysterics. I remember seeing them on one of my first trips to Olympia over 4 years ago when they were just starting out; even then they were definitely the kind of band that would get stuck in your mind, they leave a strong impression, and now they are totally killing it!

Stephie (vocals), Adriana (guitar), Jessica (bass) and Shannen (who drums on the record but is being replaced by Matt for tour) are out on a mission to conquer and destroy the current music scene. Re-inventing hardcore, shattering eardrums everywhere and actually SAYING something, this band is fierce. “This is the sound of the new breed”, touts M’lady’s. “…get thrashed!”

Track listing:

  1. Outside In
  2. Leave Me Alone
  3. Now I See What I Have Lost
  4. Psychic Drain
  5. Please Sir
  6. No Vision


Also, still available from the K Mail Order Department (and little place else), Hysterics’ self-titled, debut:

HYSTERICS – s/t 7″ (M’lady’s)

Six insane HC blasts, 1981-style, Wilson Center-style. The sound of total dissatisfaction.

Track listing:

  1. Arm Candy
  2. Dow Jones
  3. Correct Me
  4. Sunk
  5. Deformative Years
  6. Hanging Out At The 512


What did Stephie say this afternoon in the record store? “If you’d looking for a shtick, look elsewhere.” These E.P.s are gunna kick your ass.

If these bangerZ aren’t enough to whet your appetite, try these:

xo Jill

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