Films at the Helsing Junction Sleepover!

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Part of the annual tradition of the Helsing Junction Sleep Over is the movie night.   On Friday after you’ve danced your heart out, grab your pillows and sit under the stars to watch these awesome filmmakers/creators.  This year we are happy to share works from Jesse Malmed and a collection of short films curated by Devon Damonte.

Do Voices by Jesse Malmed
Jesse Malmed, ACRE choir, Helsing choir, Robin Williams, the contemporary folk art ensemble of youtube, George Mason University’s English Accent Archive, Shamuel Beckett and others come together for a We Are The World / We Arendt –style movie/concert/concert movie. Highly recommended for those already there, those on their way. Topics include: where you’re from and how you sound, the imaginative space of the bootleg, the morass of language, the virtuosity of a radio on scan and typing in stereo.

Short Movies for a Summery Farm Night curated by Devon Damonte
Floating upon languid wings of light, these retinal bon-bons will fulfill your summer’s eve with visions from: Chicago’s heartland via AV genius bombs Jo Dery and Lori Felker, plus everybody’s sweetheart Jodie Mack straight outta Hanover NH, plus Jacqueline Argueta’s fresh projection performance produce harvested from Evergreen’s recent summer intensive direct animation program, plus local loops and odd-imations from your host Devon Damonte.

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