CD Safari: St. Valentine’s Day Bouquet!

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

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In honor of St. Valentine’s Day the K Mail Order Dept. has gathered together ten top-flight K albums forming a CD Safari that celebrates love in all its guises. Receive all ten CDs for $15.00, that’s a sweet bouquet straight from the heart.


Rondelles Shined Nickels & Loose Change CD [KLp127]

klp127 for Weblog
This collection of Rondelles hott punk rockin’ popover favorites has got it’s share of love songs (“T.V. Zombie”, “Safety in Numbers”, “He’s Got Heart”!!!) but really it’s the feel good freedom rock from the generation beyond. The best listening to accompany St. Valentine’s Day shenanigans – play this while roller skating with your heart’s desire and s/he’s sure to be yours!


Mirah and Spetratone International Share this Place: Stories and Observations CD [KLP181]
Mirah & Spectratone International
What could be more touching than “Love Song of the Fly” from the collaboration between Mirah and Spectratone International, Share this Place: Stories and Observations [KLP181]? A suite of 12 pieces, each focusing on the life and times of a different insect. “Love Song of the Fly” depicts the plight of a fly who is searching for love and understanding. We defy you not to shed a tear when you hear this humble plea.


The Gossip Red Hott CD [IPU096]
ipu096 for Webloggossip 5 for Weblog
Four songs about the Red Hott lifestyle straight from ’90s Olympia, which is to say St. Valentine’s Day Wonderland! Recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio with Calvin Johnson.


Lois Bet the Sky CD [KLP036]
lois_0002 for Weblog
The best songwriter at K for songs of the heart, hands down. This Lois album includes her classics “Shy Town”, “Charles Atlas”, “Transatlantic Telephone Call” and of course, “February 15”! Dang.


Calvin Johnson What Was Me CD [KLP117]
klp117 for weblog
Love songs direct from Hopelessly Romantic Central: “Love will Come Back Again”, “Can We kiss?”, “Lies Goodbye” and Calvin‘s duet with Mirah, “Ode to St. Valentine”,  worth the price of this CD Safari all by itself.


Marine Research Parallel Horizontal CD [KLP104]
MRlavinebw1 for Weblog
No one writes about love, it’s hazards and eventual rewards better than Ms. Amelia Fletcher. If you followed her adventures through Talulah Gosh and Heavenly, you’ll want to check in with her Marine Research incarnation. Hearts aflutter. Included are two songs from the Marine Research BBC session recorded for John Peel.


Glo-Worm Glimmer CD [KLP054]
klp054 for Weblog
Falling in love in Paris, France -what could be more romantic? The soothing vocal sounds of Ms. Pam Berry (Black Tambourine, Belmondo) explores and travels through all the true loves and lovers, the world over. Wistful listening, year round.


The Crabs Sand and Sea CD [KLP095]
klp095 for Weblog
Classic Crabs, and that means love in the summertime, down at the lake, tumbling away, end of the world, I surrender!


Jason Traeger My Religion Is Love CD [KLP098]
klp098 for weblog
The name of this album says it all: My Religion Is Love, and you can bet that theme runs all through this Olympia song-singer’s K debut album. “Word of Mouth”, the anthemic “love Faeries” and the inspirational “Love, Love and Love”. Super-charged love hymns from deep in the heart.


Gene Defcon Come Party with Me 2000 CD [KLP113]

klp113 for Weblog
Talkin’ love here: sweet, forbidden, unrequited, rollin’ and tumblin’ – just look at that face! Gene Defcon has definitely launched 1000 voyages of the Love Boat. Over 20 songs, and then you’ll be begging for more (they always do).


CD Safari: St. Valentine’s Day Bouquet!, 10 compact discs for $15.00.


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