CD Safari: Olympia Underground, ’90s!

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

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In the late twentieth century Olympia had a burgeoning local music scene that erupted in the final decade (known colloquially as “the ’90s”) into a thriving underground music community that was richly expressive, creative, provocative. Here is a collection of ten compact discs released by as many combos/artists who splashed through and delighted Downtown Olympia in that so-long-ago time (and the whole stack is only $15.00).


Kicking Giant Alien i.d. CD [KLP034]
The ultimate Olympia duo. On the run from NYC, Tae Won Yu and Rachel Carns land in the South Sound and freedom bash the west coast.


Dub Narcotic Sound System Industrial Breakdown CD [KLP039]

The first 12″ single released from Dub Narcotic Sound System, a co-release between K and Soul Static Sound (Rough Trade Shop). Wild melodica disco bleed.


Satisfact The Third Meeting at the Third Counter CD [KLP088]

New wave after new wave, but before such a thing was once again “cool”. Haircut 5000!


IQU Chotto Matte a Moment! CD [KLP085]

Undergound dance music by the trio IQU, who filled the floor with feet and the air with transmissions sonique.


Subdebs She’s so Control CD [KLP101]

The Subdebs slam the punk and pop together and drive it through the wall.


Fitz of Depression Swing CD [KLP041]

Olympia heavy and sexy, bursting raw and sweet (dig those crazy overalls!).


Mocket Fanfare CD [KLP070]

Art rockin’ noise populuxe!


Lois Bet the Sky CD [KLP036]

Olympia crashpop diva at her most accomplished.


Jason Traeger My Religion Is Love CD [KLP098]

Why is this fellow in such a posi mood?


C.O.C.O. C.O.C.O. CD [KLP118]

Garage soul rockin’, Olympia style.


CD Safari: Olympia Underground, ’90s!


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