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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

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Here is a special collection of compact discs from the Olympia Underground music scene being offered by the K Mail Order Dept. It could be thought of as Lois: the K Years! As you are no doubt aware, Lois is the songstress of the decade in Olympia ’90s, she make the svelt noisy pop rockin’ that no one could not hum along to, dance to with joy and sorrow. This CD Safari: Lois! includes all six of LoisK releases, plus her collaboration with Dub Narcotic Sound System, “Ship to Shore” / “Rougher” [KLP060]. It’s a crashpop overload, gotta get it! All seven CDs for $15.00. Ai yi yi.


Lois Butterfly Kiss CD [KLP015]

The first album, with Molly Neuman (Bratmobile) on drums, produced by Stuart Moxham (Young Marble Giants). There has never been a pop album so spare and delicious.


Lois Strumpet CD [KLP021]

It would be difficult to follow up such a stellar debut…unless you are Lois. A guitar-slinger with many tricks up her sleeve and a  passel of co-stars: once again Molly Neuman plays drums, with Donna Dresch and Stephen Immerwahr (Codeine) on electric bass guitar.


Lois Bet the Sky CD [KLP036]

Considered by many to be the ultimate Lois statement, Bet the Sky soars, and you with it.


Lois Shy Town CD [KLP037]

“Shy Town” is a single from the Bet the Sky album with four non-LP B-sides derived from a Washington, D.C. session produced by Ian MacKaye with Amy Farina on drums and Juan Carrera (both of the Warmers) on electric bass guitar.


Lois Snapshot Radio CD [KLP057]

The Lois EP Snapshot Radio was the result of a cross-country road trip. Lois worked with a bunch of different folks from all over: Alan Sparhawk (Low), Damon Locks (Trenchmouth), James McNew (Yo La Tengo), Brendan Canty (Fugazi), and members of Red Red Meat. Of course, Heather Dunn is on board to provide her usual insightful commentary and insect impersonations.


Lois Infinity Plus CD [KLP058]

Ten short stories disguised as pop songs. Working with sidekicks Heather Dunn on drums and Brendan Canty on electric guitar, bass and organ, Lois Maffeo  has written ten songs that map the heart and decode the complex cryptograms of love and chance. Also appearing on Infinity Plus are Elliott Smith, on the duet “Rougher,” and Alan Sparhawk(Low)  adding spectral guitar to the tunes “A Summer Long” and “Silent Auction.”


Lois with Dub Narcotic Sound System “Ship to Shore” CD [KLP060]

A collaboration by Lois and the Dub Narcotic Sound System, it’s a dance floor smash! “Ship to Shore” will intoxicate you, “Rougher” (completely different version than found on the Infinity Plus album) keeps you floating above. Some dance remixes by NW DJs round out the set.


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