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Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

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Compilations have always been a K mainstay. The second release on this label was Danger Is Their Business, a compilation cassette of a capella recordings by folks from all over. The K Mail Order Dept. is now offering up a CD Safari pak of K compilations from the various eras of K, at a price that pops eyeballs from sockets (careful!), $15.00 for 8 CDs. Holy toluene! Grab up a passel and distribute them to the needy.

International Pop Underground Convention CD [KLP011]

Documenting the International Pop Underground Convention, an epic event in August 1991 where artists from all over the world converged on Olympia, Washington for six days of fun and frolic. Captured to tape (by the fine folks at Yo-Yo Studio) and collected here on thisĀ  album are performances by Pastels, Beat Happening, Nation of Ulysses, Spinnnes, Mecca Normal, Fugazi, Girl Trouble, Melvins, Unwound, Kicking Giant and so many others.


International Hip Swing CD [KLP016]

The first compilation of volumes in our International Pop Underground series of 7″ 45 rpm phonograph records, this album has unique recordings by Heavenly, thee Headcoats, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Melody Dog, Lois, Unrest, Girl Trouble, Teenage Fanclub, McTells, and on.


Selector Dub Narcotic CD [KLP082]

Laboratory experiments by Calvin Johnson (“Selector Dub Narcotic” himself) from the Dub Narcotic Studio. Test subjects include Make-Up, Panties, Miranda July, Old Time Relijun, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Versus, Nikki McClure, others.


Classic Elements CD [KLP079]

Northwest hip-hop (c.1998) culled from Olympia north to Seattle, with a lot of stops in Tacoma and Pierce County: Black Anger, Tilson, Ghetto Children, Jace, Nomad, Blak, Sinsemilla, Source of Labor, more.


Internal/External Featuring… [KLP106]

Not technically a compilation, Featuring… is an album by Internal/External, the brainchild of producer Paul Schuster. After producing the debut album by Julie Ruin, Paul had the idea of creating more rhythm tracks and inviting other Olympia artists to contribute vocal and instrumental parts to form new songs. Participants include Tae Won Yu, Lois Maffeo, Rachel Carns, Kanako Wynkoop, Justin Trosper, Calvin Johnson, Katheen Hanna, DJ K.O., a real smorgasbord.


Cha Cha Cabaret: Chez Vous CD [KLP066]

The Cha Cha Cabaret toured through the Pacific Northwest with a wide variety of acts, some circus in nature, others with more carnal intent. A show, darling, a traveling Hootenanny and Chataqua, rolled into one. It toured the west coast for a few seasons, organized and hosted by the inimitableĀ Miss Lady Hand Grenade, and then documented itself on this disc. Featured are acts and objects extravagant but familiar, made with those things closest at hand, all recorded by Calvin Johnson at the Dub Narcotic Studio. This album was the K debut by Mirah (aka Cocozelle), Old Time Relijun, Miranda July and Nikki McClure. Other artists included are Dale Shaw (Blood Sausage), Flying Tigers, the lookers (Sarah Dougher). Viva la Baker and radical Divas everywhere.


Invisible Shield CD [KLP151]

A selection of songs that documents the intertwining web of artists that circled K and Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia during the early double-0 decade: Little Wings, Landing, Mirah, Dennis Driscoll, Beat Happening, Old Time Relijun, Yume Bitsu, the Blow, Calvin Johnson, and an exclusive song by the Microphones.


Project: Echo CD [KLP055]

The second collection of songs from our International Pop Unxerground series of 7″ 45 rpm phonograph records. This time we offer up Satisfact, Nikki McClure, Modest Mouse, Satan’s Pilgrims, Versus, Pansy Division, F.Y.P, Love as Laughter, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Mecca Normal, and then some.


CD Safari: K Compilations!

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