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Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

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Olympia underground music scenes have been going strong for decades, now healthier than ever with labels like Perennial, Brown Interior Music, Sultan Serves, Antiquated Future, Rumbletowne and many more producing fab new sounds on every block. The K Mail Order Dept. has gathered together this CD Safari: Positively 4th Avenue featuring ten compact discs from the K catalogue exploring many different genres, eras, people, and perspectives of the Olympia Underground scenes. Receive all ten albums for $15.00.

Enemymine CD [KLP093]

klp093 for WeblogEmine_MIke
Mike Kunka taking the extremes of godheadSilo to another level: two basses, still no guitar. A provocative collaboration with Zak Sally (Low) and Danny Sasaki that rages into quieter moments and then spreads wide. Cinematic textures. Colorful bruises.


Shinin’ Director’s Cut CD [KLKP111]
klp111 for Weblog
DJ Take One rocked many a party during his stint in Olympia, during which time he recorded the break beat album Emergency Breaks [KLP089] and rocked many a house party, besides his regular stints at downtown clubs. Shinin’ Director’s Cut EP is put together by the production team of Take One and None, with a host of Northwest and L.A. hip hop artists guesting in various roles: MC, producers, spiritual guides. Heads participating include Vitamin D, Universal, Dr. Oop, PM the Praying Mantis and members of Black Anger/Bedroom Produksionz.


Old Time Relijun Witchcraft Rebellion CD [KLP128]
klp128 for WeblogDSC02784 for Weblog
Old Time Relijun and Arrington de Dionyso really hit their stride with this epic blast of gingerbread house on fire, concocting their most potent pagan potions and clogging rhythms morning breath.


Dub Narcotic Sound System Bone Dry CD [KLP068]
klp068 for weblogdubnarcoticsoundsystem_photoby_michael_lavine for Weblog
It’s Olympia Gone to Memphis Vol. Two: the result of the second Dub Narcotic Sound System session at the famed Royal Recording Studio. This EP was produced by Stax Records alumnus William Brown. The song “Bass Hump” features horns by Memphians Ben Cauley (a founding member of the BarKays), trumpet, Jack Hale (Memphis Horns), trombone, and Lannie McMillan, saxophone.


Play Drum + Bass CD [KLP183]

klp183 for Weblog
The third album from C.O.C.O. (Olivia Ness and Chris Sutton) and it is def the most hardcore basement garage soul dance party committed to disc! Chris has continued to play with Hornet Leg, Hooded Hags and the Gossip.


Internal/External Featuring… CD [KLP106]
klp106 for weblogKanakoWynkoop
Featuring… is an album by Internal/External, the brainchild of producer Paul Schuster. After producing the debut album by Julie Ruin, Paul had the idea of creating more rhythm tracks and inviting other Olympia artists to contribute vocal and instrumental parts to form new songs. Participants include Tae Won Yu, Lois Maffeo, Rachel Carns, Kanako Wynkoop (in above photog with fist), Justin Trosper, Calvin Johnson, Katheen Hanna, DJ K.O., a real smorgasbord of ’90s Olympia music.


Calvin Johnson Before the Dream Faded… CD [KLP170]
klp170 for weblog
The second solo album from Calvin, including the oft-requested “Rabbit Blood” and “When You Are Mine”. Guest artists and producers include Mirah, Khaela Maricich (the Blow), Phil Elverum (the Microphones), Johnny Jewel (Glass Candy), Devin Welch (Chromatics), Adam Forkner (White Rainbow), Jona Bechtolt (Y.A.C.H.T.).


IQU and Friends Teenage Dream CD [KLP108]
klp108 for Weblog
as a follow-up to their epic Chotto Matte a Moment! [KLP085] album, electronica experimentalists IQU invited pals and collegues to contribute remixes of their song “Teenage Dream”. Participants include Looper, Sonic Boom, Lexaunculpt, Team 714, Dub ID, Take One & Red Clay, and Concentrick. A real head trip.


Subdebs She’s so Control CD [KLP101]
klp101 for weblogsub2mac for Weblog
Star Athena (who contributed her gallant efforts to the Selector Dub Narcotic [KLP082] compilation) rounds up some wild-eyed compatriots to bash these punked hard pop anathemas.  Wonder drugs never stood a chance.


Fitz of Depression Swing CD [KLP041]
klp041 for weblog
The second tumultuous Fitz of Depression album produced by legendary NW knob-knocker Jack Endino. An absolute Olympia perennial, Swing is a heavy delight and air-guitarist’s favorite. Mind over matter.
CD Safari: Positively 4th Avenue, ten compact discs from the Olympia Underground for $15.00

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