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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

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Wouldn’t it be cool to get a postcard from a really far away place, say, France or Switzerland? What if that postcard came with music? Angelo Spencer is headed across the ocean on tour next week, and he’s got two new digital albums that you can only obtain by having him personally send you a download code.  Music AND international ail?  Can it be true? Visit Ange’s site for all the deets:

Here’s What It’s All About:

The Drum, The Dub And The Useless is a collection of fourteen unreleased tracks, remixes, dub versions, and drum versions from the World Garage [KLP235] sessions. Listen to “Restless Freak” here:
02 Restless Freak by Angelo Spencer

And Giant Duval: How To Play Guitar, Vol. I is Angelo Spencer‘s other offering, a collection of seven “transcendental guitar workouts.” Check out “Oh No No No!”:
Oh no no no! by Angelo Spencer

Angelo Spencer has seven dates in France and Switzerland starting the third of November. If you go to his website, for just five little American dollars, you can choose which album you want to receive, on a postcard, from a beautiful place far away.

11.03 – Creil, France @ La Grange a Musique
11.04 – Caen, France @ La Loupiote
11.06 – Bordeaux, France @ Wunderbar
11.07 – Puymirol, France @ Asso Kezaco
11.08 – Geneva, Switzerland @ El Bibarium
11.09 – Bauges, France @ Asso Kap n’Doo
11.10 – Payzac, Rhone Alps, France @ La Pleine Lune

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