K News – February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Calvin Johnson’s Top Five Tour Essentials

In preparation for the upcoming Hive Dwellers U.S. tour, Calvin listed off the top five things he always brings with him on tour. (You know, besides clothes and instruments.)

  1. An atlas.
  2. A tour mug.  Everyone has to have a tour mug.  Karl Blau uses a large handmade clay mug.  Since November, Calvin has been using a corn plastic mug from Food Fight! Grocery, a vegan grocery store in Portland, OR.
  3. A roll of packing tape. (Not duct tape.)  This is used to mail things home, and Calvin always grabs a roll before leaving town because it’s more expensive to buy it from some convenience store on the road.
  4. A variety of paperback classics.  Typically, this can include books by D. H. Lawrence, George Elliot, and Dorothy Sayers.  The only book that Calvin knows he’s taking on this tour is Willy Vlautin’s Northline.
  5. A lot of green tea.  Calvin’s favorite is Dragonwell.

The Hive Dwellers will kick off their tour on March 22nd in Boise, ID.  They will be meeting up with The Curious Mystery at the beginning of April, playing shows together between The Curious Mystery’s residency at the Ace Hotel.  The Curious Mystery’s tour will kickoff in Seattle on March 3rd, and will take them up to New York by way of SXSW on March 15th.  Catch all of the tour dates for both The Hive Dwellers and The Curious Mystery on our shows page.

Stream New Ruby Fray Track – “Mint Ice Cream”

Ruby Fray’s debut, Pith, is a haunting, strange, pulled-straight-from-the-gut statement of a record.  It’s due out on April 17th, but you’ll be able to get it from the K Mail Order Dept. a month earlier on March 17th.  Below, stream the second track from Pith, a duet between Ruby Fray mastermind, Emily Beanblossom, and Calvin Johnson entitled “Mint Ice Cream.”  It’s one of the record’s most upbeat tracks, steeped in Americana and dripping with the sweetness of the melting treat from the title.

Chain & The Gang Spring U.S. Tour!

Chain & The Gang will be heading out across the country starting at the end of March, and travelling all throughout April in promotion of their upcoming full-length, In Cool Blood (KLP241).  Katie Greer, a key member of the Gang, created this tour poster that lists all of their dates.  Get all of the details on our shows page. (Prepare for the upcoming tour with Chain & The Gang’s other LPs, Down With Liberty… Up With Chains! [KLP203] and Music’s Not For Everyone [KLP220].)

New Maxines Live Video!

Two weeks back, The Maxines released their new Drugstore 7″ here in Olympia at the Midnight Sun, where this video was captured.  This is a great example of The Maxines’ unique brand blown-out buzzy garage pop, with both Matt and Kelly screaming over the messy cacophony of their instruments.

Kendl Winter Wins Best  Record in Weekly Volcano Reader’s Poll!

Tacoma, Wash.’s Weekly Volcano had a Reader’s Poll to determine some of the best music from Olympia in 2011, and Kendl Winter’s newest LP, The Mechanics of Hovering Flight (KLP238), won best record!  Calvin Johnson also tied for the award of “Best Scenester,” while Malaikat Dan Singa won “Best Experimental Music.”  Congrats, guys!

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