2014 Olympia Experimental Music Festival Photogs!

Monday, June 30th, 2014

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The Olympia Experimental Music Festival began Friday night at Northern with everyone’s favorite accordion player, Big Tom the Lithuanian. Yeah!

100_7684 for WeblogHe was immediately followed by former Olympia resident J.D. Helwig who lay out the tools of his trade on a prayer rug and commenced to chime in on a celestial wavelength, improvising freely but not randomly. J.D. Helwig is one of the organizers of NoFest (a free music and arts festival) in the St. Johns Neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. That’s coming up quickly September 6, mark the calendars!

KnotPineBox (aka Karen Hancock) made the next jumble of sounds. Here is Karen arranging an assortment of apparatus with festival organizer L. Jim McAdams looking on:

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A peek inside Karen‘s magic satchel:

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KnotPineBox creating audio disturbances:

100_7703 for Weblog100_7697 for WeblogKaren Hancock (of KnotPineBox) will be performing at the Helsing Junction Sleep Over as a member of the Hinges.

Jennifer Robin made one of her rare, sporadic appearances with the Dead Air Fresheners and the room was pulsating:
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A calmer sound flowed forth as Peter Randlette emanated mind melting isotopes to accompany his freak-scene visuals:100_7775 for Weblog100_7776 for Weblog100_7777 for Weblog

The highlight of the evening was the appearance of New York avant-garde musical innovator Elliott Sharp. His masterful approach and arachnid technique for creating psychic solar systems to orbit our collective audio awareness had us all freeze-framing on the ceiling. Joe Trump joined him on the trap set for a grand jazzbo finale that left jaws dropping, heads spinning and fingers snapping.

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Here we have Elliott Sharp at evening’s end with admirer Mark Hosler:

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Mr. Sharp, come back to Olympia again soon!


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