Chain & The Gang, The Shivas Rock Bellingham!

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

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Late Monday afternoon, I hitched a ride with The Shivas to their show in Bellingham, WA with Chain & The Gang and my friend Tyson Ballew. Their van was full of friendly faces, fuzzy sweaters, chocolate-chip cookies and groovy psychedelic music. We listened to the Doors, a whole bunch of crazy calypso music and a bit of Hank Williams. Jared was reading a thick book containing the sacred texts of Hinduism and Kristen was doing homework on a laptop in the front seat. The drive seemed shorter than expected and we stopped at the Mount Vernon food co-op (every NW traveler’s favorite) to stock up on snacks and have a quick meal.

The show they played was at the Alternative Library, a cool members-only space that holds all-ages events. Laurie from Chain & The Gang persuaded the dude-in-charge to sell her a used, pocket-size book about Tao.

Local Bellinghamsters Fictions opened, followed by Tyson Ballew (the band).

(All photographs in this post were taken by Kevin Michael Lowdon.)

The Shivas, a truly “solid band” (as deemed by Ian Svenonius) rocked the house after that with a plethora or rockin’ tunes, including their latest hit and clear crowd-pleasing jammer, “Make Me Wanna Die”,

while Chain & The Gang closed the night with a preachin’, powerful, revitalizing performance, demanding for “Reparations”.

The Shivas released Whiteout [KLP243] last year on K and have a new 7″ coming out later this year.  Chain & The Gang have released three full-length albums, In Cool Blood [KLP240], Music’s Not For Everyone [KLP220], Down With Liberty… Up With Chains! [KLP203] and just recorded tracks for a new one this weekend; they also have two singles, “Cry, Cry, Cry” [DBN119] and “(I’ve Got) Privilege” [IPU130], all of which is currently available from the K Mail Order Department. Tyson Ballew runs his own label called Tummy Rock Records and also has one of his tapes, Moa in Repose, in our disto dept.

Love you, Jill

  • Chainandthegang

    Good reporting from the front lines Jill!

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