Sunday, November 10th, 2013

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As temperatures fall in Olympia, and elsewhere too, I’m sure, what could be better way to spend a cold and raining evening than crawling under a nice, warm blanket and bundling up with your favorite audio electronic device and a cozy, new assortment of 24 Kendl Winter tracks?

The Kendl Winter Digital Bundle Pack is an electronic collection of Kendl’s two most recent albums, It Can Be Done [KLP248] and The Mechanics of Hovering Flight [KLP238], as well as the two tracks from her single, At The Same Time [DBN121]. A wonderful assortment of songs sure to brighten up any day, this is all offered to you, for a limited time, at the unusually low, discounted price of $7.99. Check it out today in the K Mail Order Department!

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