Throwback Thursday: Talulah Gosh!

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, Calvin pulled out tons of old slides and a file full of photos, in search of the perfect Talulah Gosh images.  He obviously found a couple of good ones.  How cute are these people?!!?

To really understand how take in how ridiculously good this band is, we recommend that you go stream Backwash [KLP044] in the K Mail Order Dept. immediately!  If you’re not already head over heels for them, you will be soon!  Pinky swear!

One response to “Throwback Thursday: Talulah Gosh!”

  1. M says:

    “They are the originators of the pop/punk implosion.” Funnily enough I though they were second rate Shop Assistants plagiarists at the time. Tweecore. I did like that Talulah Gosh song though when I seen them. They were fun.

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