The Cannanes Happy Swing Is Back!

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

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In the earliest days of K (1984 to be exact), when Beat Happening was residing in Nakameguro district of Tokyo, Japan, Calvin Johnson was reading Op magazine about an Australian fanzine, Distant Violins. He wrote to the editor, David Nichols (third from left in above photog), and included copies of recent K cassette-only releases, like the Beat Happening debut. At about the same time David Nichols wrote to K with news of his combo, the Cannanes. It was a match heavenly made. The Cannanes are an Australian noisy pop rockin’ combo who began their life in the early ’80s around the same time as Beat Happening (with whom this is not the only shared characteristic) .

The Cannanes continue to perform and record today. They have several releases on K, including two volumes on our International Pop Underground series, Vol. V, the No One EP [IPU005] and Vol. XXXVII, “Frightening Thing” [IPU037]. Happy Swing was a 1986 K cassette-only release which (like the No One EP) featured original Cannanes vocalist Annabel Bleach. This limited-edition reissue of Happy Swing is from the fine folks at All Gone, available now from the K Mail Order Dept.

The original cover art was a linoleum block cut made by David Nichols (on a brief visit to Olympia) which were then hand printed on 4″x6″ cards with the relevant recording and song credits printed on the other side. Said artwork has been lovingly recreated (minus actual linoleum block) by All Gone for their Happy Swing reissue.



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