Six Questions with Jeremy Jay!

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Our intern Nathan got on the phone with Jeremy Jay last week to ask him our set of six questions. We’re so excited for his up coming release,“Abandoned Apartments” [KLP247] and recent release, “Covered in Ivy” [KDR005]

1. Where do you live full time? 

I live in London, England full time, by Waterloo station.

2. Pie or Cake?

Well in Grand Central, the main character likes cake more than pie, so I’ll have to go with cake. Grand Central is the movie directed by Rebecca Zlotowski. Starring Lea Seydoux. It came out September 23 in theaters.

3. What kind of shoes are you wearing right now?

(Laughs), I’m wearing Hi-TEC, Hi-TEC hiking boots because I’m on my mom’s farm in Carmel Valley California and I’m fixing a bridge.

4. Whats your favorite record?

Tones on Tail, “Performance”.

5. Whats the last book you finished?

What was the last book I finished? It was a collection of short stories by H.P. Lovecraft. It’s an old book. The copy that I found, I found in a dungeon in England underneath the streets in the catacombs. I found it and then it changed my life. 

6. What question would you like to ask our next artist?

That’s a good question. Hahaha. That’s really hard to answer, cause I don’t know who I’m asking. How about, what’s your number one movie of all time? 


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  1. R. Rooksby says:

    That photograph was taken in Highgate cemetery, right? 🙂

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