Six Questions with Emily Beanblossom

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

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Emily is the lead singer of Christmas, and the mastermind behind Ruby FrayRuby Fray’s new long-player, Pith, is now available for order in the K Mail Order Dept., and can be found in stores on April 17th!

Where do you live full-time? Austin, TX.

Pie or cake?  Pie.  My mom always made really badass blackberry pies when I was growing up.  My dad would go into these really bushy areas and come back covered in mosquito bites with these berries, this glorious bounty.  My mom never made cake.  I think because she never made cake I never developed a taste for it.  I really don’t like cake at all.  Fuck cake!

What kind of shoes are you wearing right now?  Barefoot.  It’s so hot you can’t wear shoes.  I like sensible flats.  Or loafers.  Power shoes.  My friend calls my shoes power shoes, or lady power shoes; they look like lesbian professional shoes–like penny loafers that you don’t wear hose with. [laughs] Just flats.

What’s your favorite record? Right now The Sandwitches – How To Make Ambient Sadcake.  They’re a girl band from San Francisco, and they’re beachy as hell but a lot of their songs are super sad and reflective… but still beachy.  We played together in Olympia and it was magical.

What’s the last book you finished? Immortality by Milan Kundera.  It was wild.  He’s the same author that wrote The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which I actually haven’t read.  My friend lent this one to me, and it was awesome.

What question would you like to ask our next artist? “What’s your favorite place to play and why?”

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  1. Bill Aper says:

    Goddammit. No matter what I do to avoid it I still somehow end up being tricked into looking at this shit.

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