Six Questions with Alex Parrish from Lovers Without Borders!

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

That’s Alex getting all giggly on the left.

Our current intern Nathan got on the line with Alex Parrish from Lovers Without Borders directly following the release of their new “Detective” 7″ EP [IPU142].  He asked Alex our set of six questions to incredible results.  Read below:

1. Where do you live full-time?

“I live in Bellingham, WA. It’s a college town. 80,000 people live here. I’ve lived here since 1994. The town was dubbed The City of Subdued Excitement by Steve Stimpson, a former junk shop owner here who used to walk around town and play his saxophone in a Mr. Peanut costume.”

2. Pie or cake?

“Pie. Specifically, fruit pies. Of course, there are lots of good cakes out there but too many let the frosting do all the work. With a pie, the first thing you taste is going to be the crust. You can’t hide behind frosting. It all has to be good.  There’s a new pie cook book out called A Commonplace Book of Pie by a Seattle poet named Kate Lebo. It has a bunch of illustrations by our drummer Jessica Bonin. I haven’t picked it up yet but it looks pretty good.”

3. What kind of shoes are you wearing right now?

“I wear New Balance 574s. Fruity pack style in orange. I seriously get compliments on them every day at work.”

4. What’s your favorite record?

“I don’t have an all-time favorite record. My favorite records of the Obama era so far have been the first Grass Widow lp and Cotton Candy’s Top-Knotch & First-Rate.”

5. What’s the last book you finished?

“I had been reading Pride and Prejudice but w/ less than a hundred pages to go I decided to bail. 
The last book I finished was On What Matters volumes 1 & 2 by Derek Parfit. It’s ethical and meta-ethical theory. It’s a great book but it took me a long time.  It requires a lot of careful reading and re-reading – more than I can really give right now. Some (perhaps most) of the arguments I don’t fully understand yet.  It’s a book that I think I’ll be going back to for years to come.   FUN FACT: The editor for the book was former Heavenly guitarist Peter Momtchiloff. I just found this out from Lois.”

6. What question would you like to ask our next artist?

“What’s the deal with our current cultural obsession with comedy? Does there need to be so much of it? Should we be concerned with more meaningful pursuits?”

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