Calvin In Bordeaux!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

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Above photog is Francis of Allez les Filles with his mobile DJ unit, which he employs every Thursday evening on the tram in Bordeaux, he gets the riders dancing. Since Bordeaux is the hometown of Melanie (Tender Forever), you know it has to be hott and ready to move its feet. Last time I was in France (2005) it was because Melanie organized an event that was the Olympia – Bordeaux Friendship Alliance. The feeling is still strong!

Below is Max at the Allez les Fillez office:

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In their cellar are caverns hundreds of years old, who knows what kind of punk shows they held here in the middle ages:
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Allez les Filles organized my show at the Saintonge Chapel, here are some photogs of it, outside and in:

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Before the Saintogne Chapel show I made an appearance at the local phonograph record emporium Total Heaven:

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It was good to see Monique (a friend of Melanie‘s) in attendance with her son, who is quite large and active. Bordeaux is the Place!


2 responses to “Calvin In Bordeaux!”

  1. Betty Carlson says:

    I’m definitely sorry I missed your show in Toulouse. It would have been so DOABLE, but I only had a little over a week’s notice and previous engagements. Enjoy France, you are seeing some great places…

    • Calvin Johnson says:

      Hello Betty!
      Sorry to have missed you, but that is showbiz. Next go-round you’ll receive more advance notice.

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