California with Joey Casio

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

In July I traveled to Oakland, California via AMTRAK where I met up with former Olympia resident Joey Casio. He moved south last spring and may never return (actually he returns to Olympia briefly this month to play at the Helsing Junction Sleep Over August 19). Here is Joey Casio‘s new house:

Here is a sign next to his house offering some neighborhood services:

Here is Joey out front, about to leave on our tour:

We played an in-store in Berkeley at Escapist Comics with Bam Bam! It was a freaky time! We then played all over the place, Fresno, Davis, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and San Jose. The latter was arranged by the lovely Sourpatch at a wonderful clothing emporium, Black & Brown. Palms Spring and Soft Knife joined us, along with the inimitable Sourpatch, so punk! Here is their new video:

Joey and I played our last show together in Oakland at Jam City with Roberto Miguel and the totally honkin’ No Babies! Here is a video of Joey Casio from that night:

Get in, for realz.


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