Academy of Fine Arts, Prague!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

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100_6796.jpg for Web The location of the Calvin Johnson show in Prague, Czech Republic, was the Academy of Fine Arts. Here is the main building: 100_6798.jpg for Web Some art hanging around outside: 100_6801.jpg for Web Graffiti near the side entrance, which takes one directly to the Klub AVU: 100_6802.jpg for Web And here it is, Klub AVU: 100_6807.jpg for Web Collective members, at work: 100_6808.jpg for Web  Tirana and I were touring through Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary together. Here is Veronika Eberhart: 100_6819.jpg for Web and Andi Dvorak (also of the Fettkakao label): 100_6817.jpg for Web A Czech audience: 100_6812.jpg for Web The following morning I visited Vysehradsky Hrbitov and saw the grave of the composer Dvorak (no relation to Andi) and other Czech notables: 100_6823.jpg for Web

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