Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Last week I took a much needed vacation. Polly and I biked out to Grayland State Park on the Washington Coast and laid around on the beach. Got sunburned. Whenever I travel I like to do field recordings. ┬áMost field recordists are looking to isolate and capture specific sounds, but I’ve always been much more interested in ambience and soundscapes. I’ve got piles of files of empty rooms, crowds, birds, streets, forests, playgrounds, and lots and lots of rain. You can hear these recordings all over my music. Paticularly this EP:

Anyway, armed with my trusty Zoom H4n recorder, and an old sock (as a wind screen) I taped my way round the coast:

We camped in the Capitol Forest the first night, right off WA-12.

The roar of the ocean when we got to the beach.

Our first campfire.

The town of Grayland, WA right on WA-105. Buzzing power lines, flapping flags.

A windy night on the shore. The shore pines swayed and creaked all night.

Waves crashing against the Seawall in Westport, WA

There was also this amazing vault toilet by our campsite that had a really nice sound to it. So I recorded impulses to load into a impulse verb plug-in. Might sound nice as a drum ambience.

All these files are available to download under a Creative Commons Atribution-Only license, which means you can use them for any project (commercial or not) as long as you credit me.

A very nice trip, but I’m glad to be back at the studio.

– Sam


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