In the Studio with Hot Victory

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

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This week I had the pleasure of assisting Ephriam record Hot Victory. It snowed the night before, so they were kind enough to give me up a ride to the studio. They pulled up in a huge black van blasting Metallica, I climbed in, and we were off! On the ride over Caitlin informed me the stereo in the van only had two settings, off and all the way up.

Complete with Nintendo and VCR

Hot Victory make a heck of a lot of noise for a two-piece. Between the two of them they play about 1.75 drum-sets, a couple monotrons (want one!), a sampler, another synth, a fx unit, and a drum machine (or 2?). There was probably some other stuff hooked up I didn’t notice. Their whole performance area was strewn with hex drum triggers, some of which seemed to control the synths and others triggering the drum machines. It was all tracked live, which was rather impressive. No overdubs necessary. They also brought lasers, christmas lights, and flood lights. All blue. You know, to get the mood right.

We used every track on the tape machine, every XLR cable, and every patch cable in the studio. The setup was sort of a very wide stereo pair across their whole area with a center mic mixed into that stereo bus, a mic on each drum, and DIs on all the electronics. Oh, and a room mic as far away as we could manage. It’s going to be a really interesting stereo image with each drummer taking up half the mix, I’m excited to hear where all the electronics get placed. Everything already sounded great right off the tape. I’m sure it will only get better when Ephriam mixes it down.

Hot Victory are lovely people and a great band. Go see them if you get a chance, it’s quite a show. And keep your ear to the ground for their forthcoming record, recorded here at Dub Narcotic Studio!

-Sam Gray


2 responses to “In the Studio with Hot Victory”

  1. JonnyX and the Groadies says:

    Hot Victory are one of our all time favorites. Very excited to hear this new record.

  2. samgray says:

    Ephriam just played me some rough mixes. So Good!

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