The Maxines at Dub Narcotic!

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

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All day yesterday, while you were celebrating Boxing Day, the Maxines were hard at it in the Dub Narcotic Studio recording mass songs in a rock’n’roll marathon that stretched from the early morn cock crow to at least supper time or beyond. Above is Matt Murillo expressing his relief that another fiery, off-the-cuff guitar solo has been captured to tape. His fingers are blisteringly hot! Matt, adjusting the amplifier:Kelly Norman, banging on stuff:Ben Hargett, the man behind the dials:Here are the Maxines, posing for a photog:The Maxines are playing shows around the Northwest next month, Jan. 12 is Northern, Downtown Olympia (with Shivas and Hooded Hags!). Be there or beware.


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