Testimonial: Banner Driskell of the Pro-Nouns

Monday, March 31st, 2014

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Banner Driskell and the Pro-Nouns finished up their first EP at the studio this month. I asked Banner to write a little something about their experience at studio. Meanwhile, please dig the new release, already available on the interwebs


I discovered Dub Narcotic Studio after reading “Love Rock Revolution: K Records and the Rise of Independent Music.” I have always loved bands from the Pacific Northwest, and K Records is a gem in that group. After spending years writing my own songs in my bedroom, I decided to step out, and try recording. I contacted a few studios, but for various reason it didn’t work out. At some point, I worked up the nerve to contact Dub Narcotic. Needless to say, I was blown away. Not only were they professional, knowledgable, and friendly, but they completely understood the sound I was going for. As soon as I got off the phone to schedule my session, I called three of my closest musician friends, and convinced them to come with me.

Once we got into the studio, our producer, Bob Schwenkler, got right to work, wasting no time. In less then an hour, he had set up mics for the entire band. As we stumbled through take after take, he remained calm, and was a constant encouragement. Dub Narcotic is a very comfortable studio. They have a wonderful couch, great coffee table books (perfect for when the lead guitarist can’t nail his overdubs), a wonderful kitchen (where we had more than one acoustic sing-along), and the coolest posters (everything from Minor Threat to Fela Kuti).

We finished tracking two songs on the first day, and the second day was spent mixing and mastering. Bob went right to work, and in half a day we had two tracks that sounded fantastic. I was blown away by how great Bob had made us sound.

The experience really left an impression on my friends and I to the point that we decided to form a band, The Pro-nouns, and come back to Dub Narcotic. The second time was a mirror of the first experience except that we did three songs instead of two. Even with songs as diverse as angsty-dance pop, and bluegrass straight from Kentucky, Bob nailed it in recording and mixing.

Dub Narcotic is a wonderful studio. It’s a great place to record music, and is a constant reminder that creating music is meant to be fun and exciting.

-Banner Driskell, The Pro-Nouns

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