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Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Internet friends: I’m going to be upping my blog/social media quantity and quality. I manage and engineer at Dub Narcotic studio, work at K Records and have connections with people in the music business. I’ve got an amazing opportunity to give you all a look into this world and I want to know what you want to hear about!

What’s mysterious and intriguing to you about Dub Narcotic, music business in general, making a living (or part of a living) from music…?

This is a broad question, I know, but I want to know what you want to hear about. Leave a comment, give a phone call, or send an email! (info for the latter two is at

2 responses to “Tell me what’s on your mind”

  1. Davey Jones says:

    my romance with everything dub narcotic goes back to when i was 16, in ’94 when i found that “other” beck tape, o.f.i.t.grave…i wrote for a catalog, got black candy, & the rest is history…even today, when i see that K DUB NARCOTIC STUDIO stamp, it’s like the rednecks & their craftsman tools/mopar whatever, it’s a trusted name. it’s 1/3 echo, 1/3 swamp ass weirdo/weirdout jams, 1/3 nostalgia for me, i guess that how i’d break down my love for your mysterious & beautiful laboratory.
    about a month ago i saw a video in the pink elephant graveyard of lovers w/o borders in session @ dub narcotic. i loved how the camera went from the band to the boardroom w/ calvin jamin along…it’s great to witness the magic.
    anyway, i’ve been with what comes out of that cave for so long, from lync to ruby fray. the mystery & beauty lies in the spirit of the dub narcotic studio. rock on – davey jones, cumberland, md
    (oh, & i think it’s so great the studio is open to everyone now…when i first got that flyer w/ my purchase, i started playing the lottery once a week, cuz thats my only fucking hope of making it to olympia before i’m 60 🙂
    p.p.s. we had a home (water) birth 4/1/12 in the dining room…sully was born to the lake giving & receiving demos. it was great, the midwife kept flipping the tape all 6 hrs of labor. after he was born, the midwife was like “what was that music? every baby should be brought into the world to that!” dub narcotic baby.

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