Studio Tech’s Corner: Hello World

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

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I’m Sam, Dub Narcotic Studio’s Maintenance Tech. You may remember me as the scruffy confused looking person in the background of this live in-studio video from February (3:32-3:41)

Anyway, I fix things when they break. When nothing breaks, I restore something from one of our Piles of Broken Gear.

A Pile of Broken Gear

Or mod things. Or make mixtapes. Or take lunch. Sometimes I sort the patchcords by color and size for fun.

But now, in addition to sorting patch cables, I will be posting a technical blog for the studio where I’ll be sharing some my adventures and exploits keeping this place running. Stay tuned for breathtaking details on loose wires, bad tubes, melted capacitors, and the occasional small fire. I’ll do my best to be specific about what’s gone horribly wrong and how I fixed it. I’ll even try to include pictures. Bob and I may also start demoing of some of our favorite pieces of gear.

So, come geek out with me. I welcome your comments, questions, and advice!

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  1. chunt says:

    sam your section of the blog rules

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