Studio News: March 7th, 2014

Monday, March 10th, 2014

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What a crazy month its been here at the Dub Narcotic Studio. Spring always brings about changes and this month was chock full of em’.

We embarked on an endeavor to swap the studio and warehouse spaces, a monumental task which I cannot believe we finished. Both spaces were wholly disassembled and carefully reconstructed elsewhere over the course of a week. Our tape machines were stripped down to their chassis, the racks were completely disassembled, and later reorganized, further cementing my deep and abiding hatred of screw terminals. Pizza was had, favors were called in, many many boxes were moved, then moved again, but at last we are settling into our new home.

And what a nice home it will be! I can’t describe how excited I am about our new space. High vaulted ceilings, huge windows letting in plenty of natural light, and offices in the back for tech work and soon a small mixing and mastering room. The sound of the new room is much more open and reverberant, but not overwhelmingly so, featuring a fairly short decay. Initial feedback from our engineers has been resoundingly positive. The room is carpeted for now, but perhaps in a year we will pull the carpet and refinish the fir floors underneath, revealing even more of the rooms sonic character. The first session in the new space was conducted by none other then Ben Hargett working with a new music project known as The Pen Test.

This coming month will also bring some personnel changes to the studio. At the end of March our intrepid Studio Manager and Engineer, Bob Schwenkler will be moving on to focus on his new Men’s Coaching business. If you want more connection, sex, passion, direction, intimacy, purpose, peace, and confidence in your life you couldn’t do better than to work with Bob. Since I started here as in intern in 2011, Bob has been my mentor and friend, and I don’t know anyone more supportive, respectful, and inspiring. It is sad to see him go, but I know he will continue inspiring others wherever he goes and whatever he is doing.

As Bob prepares to leave, several of us at the studio will be stepping up to fill his stylish sneakers. I will be taking over the position of Studio Manager, long-time associate Epriam Nagler will become our primary Studio Engineer, and Liam Hindahl will be expanding his promotions work. Calvin will continue being Calvin, to everyone’s delight.

This past month also brought the conclusion of our first ever Youtube Video Contest, check out all the details here, and congratulations to our winners this time around Moon By You. for their awesome and rather psychedelic video “Right On Pyramid” (a song incidentally recorded right here at Dub Narcotic).

Meanwhile in gadget news, we’re also happy to report our latest acquisition, a beautiful new UAD Apollo 16 digital interface, stepping up our already high standards for fidelity and excellence in any format.

We’ve got a busy month ahead of us with sessions for a whole host of new artists. This could be you! Get in touch about working with us in our new audio sanctuary at

Stay tuned.

– Sam Gray, Dub Narcotic Studio Manager

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