Session Survival Tips: Nic Wilbur

Monday, May 19th, 2014

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99Another installment of our Session Survival Tips Series. This week featuring Nic Wilbur.

What do you eat during sessions?

Food is very important to me when I am working in the studio.  My tips to others are to have plenty of snacks and to not be afraid to express your needs to the band you’re working with.   I think I am a much better engineer when I have some food in me.  I have also learned not to wait too long to eat.

What helps you keep your focus over a long studio session?

I often change listening positions when I am work to help to keep focus.   Most often I stand but sometimes I will sit and listen to the set of speakers sitting on top of the console.  I guess at dub its a little different because you have to be in headphones during tracking.   I like to move around a little bit.  It helps keep me from zoning out too much.  I zone out more when I’m tired and hungry.  I do a lot of stretching when I’m in the control room by myself during tracking.

Do you experience ear fatigue? What do you do to combat it?


I have experienced ear fatigue,  but lately it hasn’t been that much of an issue.  If I do get ear fatigue,  I take a break.  Especially during mixing.  I’m rarely happy with a mix I made when my ears were tired.    Also, I last longer when I don’t listen back to things too loud.  Bands often want to hear things back pretty loud, but I feel like my ears wear out faster like that.   Also, I think some headphones induce ear fatigue.   The very common Sony MDR-7506 headphones kill my ears.  Its the high mids that do it to me.   I think its worth getting a nice pair of comfortable headphones that don’t hype the high mids so much.   I like the Beyer dynamic 880 pros.   There are a lot of other good ones.

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