Phil Elverum and the Big Room

Monday, July 16th, 2012

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A quote by Phil Elverum from the June 13th Olympia Power and Light:

“…There were some excellent recording sessions in the old Dub Narcotic big room (R.I.P., now torn out flooring to make room for the brewery’s tall forklifts and beer shelves.) Karl Blau’s band camped out for a week in there, complete with camp stove. There was a summer when a bunch of us friends slept in there for weeks. More than just a recording studio, it was very factory-like. I guess at pretty much every session there was some crazy thing going on. For example, the Little Wings session, we recorded 2 guys skateboarding in a big circle, in stereo, just for atmosphere on the “Shredder Sequel.”

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