Occupy after Midnight

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Thursday was spent finishing the recording of the new Chain & the Gang album In Cool Blood at Dub Narcotic Studio.

Ian (Chain) Svenonius lay down some vocal improvisations

Katie Greer made with several styles of vocal gymnastics, and Fiona Campbell is our tambourine and etc. connoisseur.

Bret Lyman is a tasteful ax wielder. Chris Sutton is the master of assorted stringed instruments.

Around 10:00 PM we headed over to the comfortable abode of Arrington de Dionyso for some holiday shenanigans, board games, plentiful eats, capped by frantic dancing to his extensive collection of Indonesian jaipong cassette tapes.

Midnight was the deadline given to the Occupy Olympia encampment by the Washington State Patrol to vacate Capital Lake Park. So bogus. We walked down to check in on the goings on. Unfortunately we arrived too late to participate in the open mic, but just in time to witness the shift of many Occupants from the park to a nearby abandoned building, once home to the Thurston County Department of Health. Using shopping carts and other means, people moved their necessities to the building.

Here I am inside the Department of Health Building with Ms. Emmaline, meals co-ordinator and Occupy Arts Activist:

Above is a photograph of a banner being hung from the roof, announcing the new Occupation. The spirit is strong at Occupy Olympia. Unfortunately, the eviction was complete in the morning, including everyone in the new location, too. This is not the end of Occupy Olympia.

Ian, Katie and Calvin at Occupy Olympia on Capital Lake

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