Karl Blau recording at Dub Narcotic!

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Earlier this year Karl Blau produced an album for LAKE at his studio in Anacortes, Washington (Karl previously produced their Let’s Build a Roof [KLP213], Giving & Receiving [KLP228] albums, and parts of Oh, the Places We’ll Go [KLP196]). In exchange the band agreed to be Karl‘s studio band for an album he planned to record at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia (as LAKE have previously on Karl‘s Nature’s Got Away [KLP192] album).

This week the time of reckoning arrived and Karl began recording at Dub Narcotic with Ashley Eriksson, Eli Moore, Mark Morrison and Andrew Dorsett pitching in on assorted instruments and voice. Mark on electric bass guitar:Karl, Andrew, Eli and Ashley, in the thick of it:All this wistful cacophony is being sent to the Ampex 1/2″ four-track tape recorder, it’s maiden voyage at Dub Narcotic Studio:Karl, behind the dials:Music beautiful on the way.

4 responses to “Karl Blau recording at Dub Narcotic!”

  1. Shaun says:

    wowzers. what good folk doing wonderful things. blessed are the living!

  2. Ian Saling says:

    Such an amazing band they are!!! They make music that nobody does anymore nowadays!!! Their songs are just very relaxing, influential, and so beautifully written!!! LAKE is in my opinion one of the greatest bands in the whole world!!!

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