K Office Digest: Volume One

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

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The cool thing about everyone carrying around a cell phone now is that you always have a camera in your pocket when you want one.  We’ve gotten really into Instagramming while we’re hanging out at the office (or anywhere!) — it’s great to be able to share our day with you!  Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to the past few months.  You can see more up-to-date photos here by following us on Instagram.

The photos above were from our annual Christmas potluck.  We’ve gotten into the tradition of taking a group photo when we have the chance, and it’s pretty much always the best time ever.

Calvin drew Bob for Secret Santa and made him a Dub Narcotic Studio shirt.  The first one was missing the “r” in Narcotic, which was hilarious to everyone!  He gave it another shot . . .

Arrington came by to work on the artwork for the new Malaikat dan Singa record, Open the Crown.  It turned out so rad.

We had to fold, dot, place the cd, and shrink wrap all of ’em!  A long process, but worth it!

Ashley Eriksson has been around the office a lot working on her new album, Colours, as well as the upcoming LAKE album, The World is Real.  What a talent!

This cut-out of Tae Won Yu is a favorite in the office, and he’s been moving around quite a bit . . .

Part of Calvin’s Yardbirds collection!  Amazing!

Sweet Danielle!

Joel Brazzel, before he picked up and moved to Thailand.  He is missed!

Eric Williger!  Mailorder wizard!

Kendl came by to work on a new t-shirt design featuring her dog, Sam.  We love it.

Joel B.!


One of our favorite interns, River!

The Shivas stopped by to hang out and finish up their artwork.  It’s the best!

Cutest K logo ever!

They also played the last Maxines show at Northern, right before Kelly moved away to Vietnam.  Their smoke machine was too much for Northern that the fire alarm went off and the Olympia Fire Department had to come in to turn it off.  They played straight through it.  Troopers!

The Maxines!  Kelly!


My favorite!

Hooded Hags also played that night!  It’s hard not to love Chris Sutton!

And while we were there, we took a look at Arrington’s art show from his 24 Hour Drawings!  This one was my favorite!  So beautiful!

We’re selling a lot of our old tables from the Dub Narcotic Studio, originally from Boeing.  I totally bought one for my house — you should too!

River had a trippy computer set-up happening when he was around.  What is even happening here?

This was one of Calvin’s hand-drawn I Kitty Olympia t-shirts.  The coolest.

We made a Valentine’s Day Staff Playlist!

Mike Dixon stopped by with his newest Kris Kristofferson tribute!

Kt from the Neo Boys stopped in to finish artwork . . . for real this time!

Joel B. stopped by to surprise us for Danielle’s birthday!  Calvin’s hiding in there too, but you can’t see him!

Cake at the office after lunch!  Mariella makes the best birthday desserts!

 Former Production Manager, Rhett, stopped by to see Joel too.  Life of the party!

Sneak peak of Kendl’s new photos for her new album! 


We rearranged my zone in the office and it feels amazing.  So much space!

Eric and Bryan White.  The best.

Our sweet Bad Weather California buddies stopped in for a week to record with Ephriam at the Dub Narcotic Studio.  LOVE THEM!  It was the best week ever.  So stoked to hear their new record!

Adam brought by some of his lathe-cut 7 inches, all the way from Denver, Colorado.  The best surprise!

Eli and Ashley recorded some new videos for Ashley’s new album, Colours, that will be out soon. This was at the library, directly across from our current house.  So pretty!  The videos will be up on the K weblog soon!

K merit badges!


What Kendl Winter’s new artwork started as.  It’s a surprise what it will actually look like!

She also played at Flow and Function not too long ago!  She’s the best!

Ian Svenonius stopped by the Olympia Timberland Regional Library not too long ago for a night of supernatural vibes on his book tour to promote Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock’n’Roll Group.  Protesting happened.  He’s the coolest!

A few of us also went up to see him in Seattle at the Elliott Bay book store on Capitol Hill.  He channeled Paul McCartney, among others.

He also made a list of things that you need to be aware of to start a rock’n’roll group.

Gillian moved Tae around again — he’s at the top of the office!  Whoo!

Jared from The Shivas stopped by again!  Can he move to Olympia already?

Globelamp opened for Little Wings at the Guest House the other night!  We love Elizabeth Fey!!

Little Wings!

Kyle Field drew The Fib’s new cover!  Jimi Sharp was stoked!

A few of us also took some epic trips to Seattle and Tacoma within the past two weeks.  YO LA TENGO!!

Os Mutantes!!

Fleetwood Mac!!  

Too much fun!

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