Gearlust: Fender Coronado XII

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

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When your goal is to make dreamy, jangly rock ‘n roll, staring at your shoes and a 6-string just isn’t enough. This beautiful vintage Fender Coronado XII 12-string guitar provides not only 6 more strings to look at, but also yields one of the sparkliest tones available in the studio. Recently, we’ve had all of our guitars gone through and tuned up.

Calvin says:

The Fender Coronado XII is a 12-string guitar.  I think in ‘91 we were going on tour.  I’m trying to keep track, maybe it was ‘92.  On tour with Beat Happening, and we stopped at Tombstone Music in Clackamas, OR which is the music store run by Fred and Toody Cole who played in Dead Moon at the time. Bret really wanted a guitar amp like his brother Jonn [Lunsford], who plays in The Crabs . He had an amp that was like the Quad Reverb.  It wasn’t, but the idea is it had four speakers.  Bret really liked it and he wanted something similar.  Naturally since we were headed south we stopped at Tombstone and they had the Quad Reverb; he wanted to get it and I was like “As long as you’re the guy carrying it, it’s cool with me.”

 Heather saw this guitar, and she really liked it.  We played somewhere or recorded somewhere and she played a 12-string electric and liked it.  While at Tombstone she saw this [Fender Coronado] and played it and said “I really like this guitar!” We bought it and ended up playing it a lot on that tour; we bought those two things at Tombstone, and then they’ve just been our Cole-infected lucky charms ever since.

When we recorded the last Beat Happening album, You Turn Me On [KLP007], it was on that record a lot; definitely on “Godsend”, “Teenage Caveman”, “Tiger Trap”, just lots of songs [you can stream the album HERE.]  Then it got very sporadic use after that.  It’s on some of my solo albums, and I’m pretty sure it’s on The Halo Benders’ third album (The Rebels not in [KLP081]).


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