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Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Hello. We’re selling some Bogen parts, chassis, and one working PA unit. Buyer pays shipping, local pickup is an option if you live in Western Washington. If interested  or if you have any questions please email studio@krecs.com


x3 Bogen (by Mullard) EF86, $30/each

Tested and working. No boxes

 Mullard EF86s EF86 close

x1 Sylvania 8417 x1, $25

Tested and working, No box


x1 CBS 6CG7, $20

Tested and working. No box.

 CBS 6CG7 6cg7 close


x3 Bogen T-157 Mic Transformer, $30/each

Used. 9pin octal. 50ohm primary. 1950s.

T175s T175 top T175 serial 

x1 Bogen T-165b Output Transformer

Used. 9 pin octal, 1950s

 165b sode 165b pins 165b top


x1 Bogen MXM Microphone Preamplifier/Mixer, $50

This is a chassis for a Bogen MXM (Not the later MXM-A). A 1950s all tube, microphone preamplifer and mixer. It has 5 mic inputs, one of which can be switched to phono, a single line output, bass and treble controls, and switchable hi pass filters for each channel. It is missing its tube compliment (Audio: x4 EF86, x2 12AX7,x1 6CG7, Rectifier: 6X4, Metering: x1 6BF6) and its audio transformers (x3 T-157, x1 T-165b), some of which are being parted out above. Input 1 has the transformer socket bypassed with a removable 9 pin piece. All original components, although one of the filter can caps has modern electrolytics soldered onto its terminals in parallel. One of the input knobs has a big piece chipped off it. Before deciding to part the unit out the audio path was tested and every channel passes signal provided it has a tube and transformer. The meter was never tested as the 6BF6 was blown. If you are interested in buying up all the tubes and transformers from this unit I can cut you a deal. I’d rather see it all stay together. I haven’t been able to find original documentation for this model but I’ve been referencing the schematics and information provided here.

MXM Front MXM Knobs MXM Busted Knob MXM Meter MXM Back MXM Back Mic Jacks MXM Outputs MXM Top MXM Input Transformer sockets MXM Output transformer socket MXM Guts MXM New Caps

x1 Bogen MX60a Mic Preamp/Mixer/Power Amp, $50

This is a chassis for a Bogen MX60a. A 1950s all tube, microphone preamplifer, mixer, and power amplifier. It has 5 mic inputs, one of which can be switch for reel-to-reel, 2 line inputs which you can fade between, bass and treble controls, switchable hi pass filters for each channel, a line output, and speaker outputs for 4,8,and 16 ohm speakers. It is missing its tube compliment (x3 12ax7, x3 7247,x2 8417), and its input transformers (x4 sockets which accept TM50,TM200, or TM500 transformers), although the inputs can accept high impedance sources without the transformers. I am parting out an 8417 above, I also have some TM500 transformers I could be convinced to part with. The original XLR inputs were male, inputs 3 and 4 have been replaced with female jacks but the additional length blocks the sockets for transformers 3 and 4. The power filter caps and some of the cathode caps have been replaced, all other components look original. Power supply worked when tested, but I wasn’t able to test the speaker outputs as one of the power tubes was blown. You can find a manual for this unit here. There’s apparently people converting these units into guitar heads by cascading its inputs. In this case you would not need to find input transformers.

MX60a front MX60a knobs MX60a Power etc MX60a back MX60a top MX60a Transformer socketsBogen MX60a Guts

Working PA Head:

x1 Bogen H-30 PA head, $100

This is a 1950s bogen PA unit. It has two transformerless Mic inputs, one phono input, and a bunch of filter options I don’t understand. 4,8, 16 ohm speaker outs. All inputs and outputs work. It has a full tube compliment. The mic input jacks have been replaced with ¼” jacks which is good news for you. These also can be converted to guitar heads fairly easily. Its built like a tank. Schematic and other info here

H30 Front H30 Rear H30 Side H30 Top H30 Guts 

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