Session Notes: In the Studio with Fast Heart Mart

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

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Fast Heart Mart tore into Olympia on June 26th, 2014 around noon after an all night drive from Eugene, Oregon. They had a show that night at the Guest House. But did they stop to rest and recuperate? Of course not, who needs sleep when you could be recording at Dub Narcotic?

With only a half-day booked, we worked quick to knock out the slow jam “I’m Sorry.” Despite the spare arrangement we still managed to fill all the tracks on our Ampex MM1100. Vocals, lead guitar, and drums were all tracked live. I had particular fun mixing in the Mid-side room mics I had put up all the way across the room, about 15′ feet in the air.  I’m still so happy about being in this big open space. Plans to hang mics from the ceiling are in the works. It was also a pleasure to do all analog recording and mixing, with the band hoping on the faders to perform the final mix. We even managed to do a quick master. Not bad for six hours.

IMG_1173Fast Heart Mart‘s music is raw, honest, and direct. “If I hurt you, please forgive me. I’m so sorry.” Doesn’t get simpler then that. Mart‘s voice filled up the whole room.  You can tell he’s a seasoned street musician. Robyn Wagoner accompanied on drums and contributed a harmony vocal.

IMG_1167   IMG_1164

They also brought down the sweetest dog. She napped all over the studio.

Oh and did I mention they filmed a music video for the whole thing too?

I had a great time working with Fast Heart Mart. Check em’ out when they’re in your area. I hope they are back in Oly soon.


2 responses to “Session Notes: In the Studio with Fast Heart Mart”

  1. Roblyn Crawford says:

    A link to Fast Heart Mart’s video you say? Here you go! Thanks for your hard work Sam! (oh, and Shaniquah is a grrl 🙂

  2. samgray says:

    Thanks Robin, just added it to the main text.

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