EV 635a and PL5

Monday, April 28th, 2014

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Last week I took a small step to expand my mic closet and bought two EV 635a. Well actually one of those and a PL-5 which is the exact same mic with a different paint job. Giving in to my vanity, I immediately carved my name in them. Take that resell value!


Anyway, these are vintage, omni-directional, dynamic microphones. First manufactured for radio and TV use, but often adapted to studio use with good results. Reporters liked them because they were built like fucking tanks. They also have a beefy built-in pop filter and internal shock absorption. I’ve used them to good effect on piano, vocals, and as room mics, and I’ve read about using them on acoustic guitars, amps, snare, drum overheads, and various other schemes.  Basically a great all-purpose microphone with a unique sound.

Plus it’s omni which I always find super exciting. Omni mics pick up in all directions so they can be great for getting more room sound into your recording. They also don’t exhibit the “proximity effect” that directional mics do, meaning you can stick them super close to a source without getting a huge low end boost you need to cut out later. I’m psyched to try them in our big new room, and hopefully soon I’ll be able to hang them from the ceiling.

-Sam, Studio Manager

Specs and links:

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