Echos from the Scene Control Room

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

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When Calvin Johnson formed the Dub Narcotic Studio basement-style in 1993, there were a lot of folks in and out, recording about. Some were captured to tape and formed the basis of the all-instrumental Dub Narcotic Sound System album Rhythm Record Vol. One, Echos from the Scene Control Room [KLP045]. This ten song collection was released as vinyl-only in 1995, distributed to weird-outs worldwide. The rec was submerged, spinning patterns in the dust from the turntables of many a DJ booth. The players on Rhythm Record Vol. One went on to Wandering Lucy, Japanther, and Federation-X, not to mention other admirable combos even more obscure, + the further adventures of the Dub Narcotic Sound System.

Included on Rhythm Record Vol. One, Echos from the Scene Control Room is a dub versions of the early Dub Narcotic Sound System treatise “The Beat from 20,000 Fathoms”, and alternate instrumentals of the Dub Narcotic Disco Plates “Fuck Shit Up” [DBN102], “Dub Narcotic” [DBN001], “Bite” [DBN103] and “Industrial Breakdown” [DBN105]. There’s also a batch of groovin’ songs made up there in the basement, just for the heck of it; check out “Motion Control”:
Dub Narcotic Sound System - Motion Control

Last year Bob Schwenkler found the master tape to Rhythm Record Vol. One, Echos from the Scene Control Room in the K archive and decided to prepare it for the modern world of digital downloadables and brave new earbuds, as it had never before been available on compact disc or any other digital format. Thanks, Bob! Now the K Mail Order Dept. has Echos from the Scene Control Room as a digital downloadable, song-by-song or you can get the whole enchilada.

Stream it, downloadablize it, listen to it.


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