Dub Narcotic Youtube Video Contest Winners!

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

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Yowza! We did it! We made it through our Dub Narcotic Studio Youtube Contest and breached the other side of neverywhere arriving with some cosmic sun-dancing!

The Dub Narcotic Studio Yoiutube Video contest had 31 entries, all artists or producers who were interested in recording or mastering at our Dub Narcotic Studio here in Olympia, Washington. Each entrant sent a video featuring one of their works. It was posted on the K  “You Tube” channel for two weeks. The video to receive the most views in that period of time would be declared the “winner”. Simple enough.

Moon By You, from Portland, OR were the winners with their “Right on Pyramid”, which received over 1300 views! Congratulations Moon By You, Sarah, Tyler, Jake, Kevin, and Gabe! They’ve won a free day of recording in our new studio room on the second floor of our warehouse in Olympia, Wash. Moon By You had a few sessions with us last summer and we can’t wait to have you rascals back in here. You can see their “Right on Pyramid” video here. Make sure to watch it in HD!

As for the rest of you sonic-wizards and others alike: Interested in recording here at Dub Narcotic Studio? WE WOULD LOVE TO RECORD WITH YOU, so go ahead and check your calendar, see what’s good, and shoot an email to liam@krecs.com and we can start a dialogue about getting you in here! Hope to talk to you soon!


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