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Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

 Hello! Yet again, we’ve been having the pleasure of Arrington de Dionyso‘s presence in the studio. Although he can’t say for sure what will become of these recordings, he anticipates a follow up to Open The Crown, his most recent release with Malaikat Dan Singa. His plans are to record as much as he can before leaving for Indonesia towards the end of the year. While overseas, he’ll be looking for collaboration and feedback from other musicians and opportunities to record there. With plans to continue recording at Dub Narcotic upon his return, it will be interesting to see how his travels have sculpted his influences and what sonic magic he may conjure. He has a kickstarter going to fund his trip. Show your support here.

Nerdy tech stuff:

In the studio we do a lot of tape-to-digital transfers, not only to digify old records but also during recording to transfer tape tracks to digital for overdubbing purposes. To do this, it would make sense to just route the outputs of our tape machine to the inputs of our digital interfaces, but, unfortunately, it isn’t quite that easy. Our tape machines, along with most of our other analog gear run a lot hotter than what the digital gear is designed for. What this means is that the signal entering the digital interfaces is at too high of a level, and we hear a lot of clipping and distorting instead of the nice creamy digified analog sound we’re looking for. So, to conquer this irksome issue, I have embarked on a quest to bring into being a sixteen-headed snake (well, 32 actually with sixteen on each end) that will act as a path on which the hot analog signal will have a chance to cool down, hopefully about 10-12 decibels. On one end, we’ll have sixteen balanced quarter inch cables for the outputs of our tape machine. That’s what’ll be on the other end as well, but to get rid of that nasty clipping from the hot analog signal we need to add some pads so the signal can just chill out a bit. How do we do that? Just throw some resistors in there of course!

By adding a 3.3 Kohm resistor that connects the positive and neutral ends of the quarter-inch jack, and two 3.74 kohm resistors that connect the positive and neutral ends of the jack to the positive and neutral wires in the cord, Voila! We have a beautiful, balanced, 10-12 decibel pad.

Thanks for reading, nerd on!


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  1. Nick says:

    Why not throw it through a potentiometer so you can cool it just right? Think of hot chocolate: right off the stove you burn your mouth, but let it sit just right and you have the perfect warmth. A pot will let you pick the perfect warmth, right?

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